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2 new MIUI 15 features have been leaked

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Exciting news has emerged from the MIUI community, as two new features of the highly anticipated MIUI 15 have been leaked. MIUI, Xiaomi’s custom Android-based operating system, is known for its user-friendly interface and feature-rich experience. The leaked information suggests that MIUI 15 will bring enhancements to the clipboard functionality, allowing users to copy photos and files. Additionally, a volume boost feature is expected to provide a safe and convenient way to double the volume output in the quick settings. Let’s delve into these leaked features and explore the potential impact they could have on Xiaomi smartphone users.

Enhanced Clipboard Functionality

According to recent discoveries made within the Mi Code, MIUI 15 is set to introduce an improved clipboard feature. Users will be able to copy not only text but also photos and files to the clipboard. This is a significant addition to the existing clipboard functionality, as it brings Xiaomi devices closer to the capabilities offered by Samsung and Pixel devices, which have had this feature for some time. This advancement will undoubtedly enhance the user experience, making it more convenient to share and manage various types of content across different apps.

3Volume Boost Feature

Another exciting leaked feature of MIUI 15 is the volume boost capability. With MIUI 15, a new toggle in the quick settings menu will allow users to increase the volume output by up to 200%. This enhancement aims to provide a safe and efficient way to amplify sound for those who need a louder audio experience, such as during multimedia playback or in noisy environments. By simply tapping the toggle, users can double the volume without compromising audio quality or risking damage to the device’s speakers.

MIUI 15 continues Xiaomi’s tradition of innovation and user-centric design, further solidifying the brand’s position in the competitive smartphone market. With these leaked features, Xiaomi fans have even more reasons to look forward to the upcoming MIUI 15 update.


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