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5 reasons to buy the Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard!

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Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard is the latest mechanical keyboard from Xiaomi. Suitable for gaming purposes, it is quite simple in design, but has technical features that are impressive. It is equipped with high-quality mechanical switches and thus offers the user a long service life.

There are mechanical keyboards on the market, mainly released by Xiaomi’s sub-brands. However, The Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard is of much better quality than the sub-brands’ mechanical keyboards. It is not an interesting product because it has a simple design. But the preferred mechanical switches are of very high quality. Apart from the design and the mechanical switches, here are 5 more reasons to buy this product.

104 keys combined with compact structure

104-key keyboards are quite large. Some users do not like the large design of full-sized keyboards. Xiaomi has scaled down the design significantly, even though it has 104 keys on its new keyboard. With its sleek and compact design, the Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard does not take up much space on your desk and looks very nice.

Simple design, can be use in office

It has a much simpler design than other mechanical keyboards and is easy to use. It can be used in the office as it does not have a colored backlight and can be purchased with the red switch option. When you use it in the office, it does not disturb other employees. With the mechanical keyboard, you can type faster, so it is a good choice for the office.

Multiple compatibility

The mechanical keyboard primarily supports Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, and later Android. You can also use it on your Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X consoles. It supports Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard as these consoles have keyboard support. Does not support PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

High-quality mechanical switches

There are many mechanical keyboard models on the market. However, the mechanical switches on them are of very poor quality and can not provide the durability that mechanical switches should have. Xiaomi’s new keyboard, on the other hand, is equipped with high-quality mechanical switches. The keys can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes. The keyboard comes with two different options: blue and red switches. Red switches are quieter than blue switches.


The Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard has only a white backlight, as it has a simpler design unlike the RGB backlights of other mechanical keyboards. You can adjust the backlight to 6 different brightness levels. The elegant white backlight looks great on the Xiaomi’s mechanical keyboard.


As a result, the new Xiaomi Wired Mechanical Keyboard that Xiaomi launched in May offers the great technical features for every use groups. High-quality mechanical switches are great choice for gamers and very satisfying in terms of durability for office workers. Since it has a small and simple design, it can be easily used in the office, but you can also use it for gaming if you want. Thanks to the backlight, you can easily read the keys even at night.

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