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[Magisk]:New method for hiding root is on the way.

Magisk is a powerful tool that provides not only root but the ability to modify the system without actually change system files and alot more but unfortunately, it  lost one of its killer feature MagiskHide due to Google improving its SafetyNet API.

The New Magisk in Zygote: Zygisk

Zygisk is Magisk in Zygote. This will run parts of Magisk in the zygote process to make Magisk modules even more powerful. This is also a very important part of the philosophy of Magisk “getting out of the way”. When a process is on the aforementioned denylist, Magisk will cleanup the memory space of the process to ensure no modding is applied. Zygisk is still a work in progress and is currently only available in the Canary Channel of Magisk  , and more details will come once the implementation is ready for beta testing.

How to Hide Root on newer versions of Magisk

Recognized developer kdrag0n is currently working on a new root hiding tool called “Shamiko,” which will be the perfect replacement for MagiskHide in the future. Right now, the tool is still under active development and only may work, and could lead to further problems but still is perfect initiative taken at just the righ time. Shamiko is will be even more powerful than MagiskHide, as it uses Magisk’s new capabilities to run code in the zygote process.

Shamiko is a Zygisk module to hide Magisk root, Zygisk itself and Zygisk modules like Riru hide.
Shamiko read the list of apps to hide from Magisk’s denylist for simplicity but it requires denylist to be disabled first.


  1.  Flash Shamiko in Magisk and enable Zygisk and reboot
  2.  Turn on denylist to configure denylist.
  3. Once denylist is configured, disable it to activate Shamiko.



After this you can use the app called Momo To check if any modifications related  Magisk are detected or not.


Before Flashing Shamiko
After Flashing Shamiko

This app uses correct methods to detect root and Xposed, but the goal is not to against root or Xposed.

By making detection methods public (some methods are private), our goal is to improve user knowledge and force the community to make correct improvements.


Download [Shamiko]

Download [Momo]





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