Add iOS Styled Dock To Your MIUI Home Screen – GUIDE

Do you wanted a blur-ish dock just like iOS phones on your MIUI device? It’s possible using the power of LSPosed!

This process requires Magisk.

iOS devices has a gassuian blur that looks nice in background of the dock(the applications in below). Unfortunately almost none of the OEMs contain this with their software. But there is a way to gain that blur in MIUI!


First of all, we need to install LSPosed for this so we can also install MiuiHome LSPosed module to use it. This guide also contains how to install LSPosed, so don’t worry.


  • Open Magisk and go to modules. Tap search button in right-down corner.


  • Search for “Riru”, and install it. Do not reboot yet.


  • Install LSPosed.
  • Now reboot the device.
  • Download latest Sipollo launcher mod depending on your version of MIUI (China or Global) and MiuiHome LSPosed module from downloads section of the post.
  • Flash SipolloMod from magisk.
  • Reboot the device.


  • Open LSPosed, go to the “Modules” section.


  • Tap to MiuiHome module.


  • Tap on “Enable Module”.
  • Reboot so it applies the changes.


  • Go to home screen settings, and tap to “Module Settings”. It will ask about restarting launcher for one time to setup, tap “Ok”.
  • Open module settings again and scroll down.


  • Tap to “Dock Settings”.


  • Tap on enable dock.
  • Tap save.
  • Tap restart launcher. It will ask for root after going black screen for 1-5 seconds.
  • And the dock should appear right behind the icons on bottom now!


SipolloMod(For China ROM)

SipolloMod(For Global ROM)

LSPosed Module (MiuiHome)


  • This only works with Android 11.
  • Thanks to developers of MiuiHome LSPosed Module for creating the whole thing and letting everyone use it.
  • Use “Classic” in Favorites Tray inside the themes or it won’t work as themes overwrite the blur.

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