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AMOLED Green Tint Issue | How to reduce and fix?

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Many Xiaomi users have reported issue with their AMOLED displays showing a green tint. The problem resides on the hardware side, meaning it is a chronic issue and not caused by the users. We will provide you ways to reduce this tint in this article.

What is AMOLED Green Tint Issue?

AMOLED displays are a type of LCD display that uses organic light emitting diodes (or OLEDs) to produce image displays. The displays are often used in smartphones because of their high resolution, wide color gamut, slim form factor, low power consumption, and lack of backlighting. AMOLED displays are known for their green tint, which can be a problem for some users. The green tint can make viewing the display uncomfortable in certain conditions.

Xiaomi has become quite famous with green tint issue on its AMOLED devices. It is still an ongoing issue that we haven’t had any real resolution to. The most widely known device to have this green tint issue is POCO F3 also known as Mi 11x or Redmi K40 and it is totally random. Of course this issue is not specific to POCO F3 but spread over many other AMOLED devices.

I recently bought a Poco F3, and I’m trying to find if the green tint is a common issue or I have bad luck. To check it: select in color scheme->advanced->enhanced, turn the brightness very low, and turn on dark mode. Then go to the phone app or one with a solid gray color. Source: Green tint on screen


While some users including me have zero trace of this tint, some users out there are struggling with it, and some even after a screen replacement.

How to check for Green Tint

Green tints are hard to see on higher brightness values and daylight. To check whether you have it or not, you need to lower your brightness the lowest and turn off all the lights in the room. It has to be really dark. After that, you might check it on Google Chrome’s secret mode tabs.

For this to be a surefire test, you need to be on your stock MIUI ROM as brightness values on custom ROMs may differ, as in lowest brightness may in fact not be the lowest that your display offers.

How to reduce the green tint

Xiaomi has been rolling updates that help with this tint, reduce the visibility, however it is still there and and it seems to be there to stay. So, if you already have it, your only option to completely get rid of it is to replace your screen. The problem with that is some users still continue to experience this green tint even after replacing their displays so it is not a guaranteed way. However, there are a few ways you can use to reduce this tint. Let’s get to it.

Disable Smoothen transitions option

  • Go into Settings
  • Tap on Display
  • Click Brightness
  • Turn off Smoothen transitions.


Use the display at 60 Hz refresh rate

Using screen at 60 Hz makes the panel LEDs of the phone screen have higher power. If you use it at high Hertz values, your screen LEDs will get tired and will not give correct colors. So use it at 60 Hz.

After these procedures, you will minimize the screen greening problem. If you are not satisfied with the screen of your device, take your phone to the official Xiaomi service and request a refund. If you don’t know what 60Hz or refresh rate is, check out our What is Display Refresh Rate? | Differences and Evolution content to know more about it.


While reducing this green tint is possible, getting rid of it entirely is quite tricky and requires time and luck as we previously mentioned, the problem can still occur after a replacement of the display. However, the hope is Xiaomi will remove this issue in the later upcoming devices.

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