Android 13 features revealed | What will be new in Android 13

While Android OEMs are trying to adapt their own OS skin to Android 12, a source with Android 13 access shared screenshots of new Android build called “Tiramisu”.

Popular mobile software development community XDA shared screenshots of Google’s latest Android build called Android 13 “Tiramisu”. XDA is known for leaking early Android builds such as Android 12 and Android 12L (used to known as Android 12.1). They say “We have a high degree of confidence in the veracity of these screenshots.” and we believe them because their older leaks turned out to be correct. But Android 13‘s launch is far away from us, so every feature from these screenshots might not be included in the next version of the android.

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TARE Settings panel found in Android 13

With Android 13 launch, Google is expected to release a new feature called The Android Resource Economy, shortened for TARE. With TARE, Google will restrict the number of tasks an application can plan through JobScheduler and AlarmManager relying upon the battery level and the requirements of the application.

New Lock Screen Clock Layouts

Android 13
Single-line design of lockscreen clock

In Android 12, when there are no notifications the lock screen clock is shown in the two-line format but when notifications show up, the design changes to a single-line format, and returns to two-line format when notifications are cleared. The new setting allows users to use the single-line design constantly, something that users had been mentioning for some time.

App Languages

Android 13 App Locale feature

A new report from Android Police uncovered that Google is dealing with another new feature, codenamed ‘Panlingual’, for Android 13 that will allow users to characterize language settings on a for each application premise. With this new fature users can determine language settings for each app exclusively on their Android device.

Runtime Permission for Notifications

Notification Runtime Permission on Android 13

In Android, every app an user installed has permission to push notifications automatically but with Android 13 user can opt-in on notification services, like they do with location permission and camera permission. This means newly installed apps will request you notification permission if they want to. As the quantity of applications on our telephones expanded, so did the quantity of notifications and the number of applications that send ordinary notifications. With this new feature, Google is trying to decrease notification spam that is coming from apps.


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