Android 14 features those MIUI 15 will have!

Possible MIUI 15 features have started to emerge, Google I/O 2023 event was held recently. At this conference, Google shared the Android 14 Beta version with all smartphone companies and released it. Xiaomi is one of the brands that received this update, Android 14 Beta has been officially released for Xiaomi Pad 6, Xiaomi 12T, Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro devices by Xiaomi & Google. On the other hand, Android 14 update will be a big update, in this direction, MIUI 15 update will be a big update, we share with you the possible new features and innovations that will come with MIUI 15 in this article.

What’s new with MIUI 15?

MIUI 15, Xiaomi’s upcoming MIUI update, will probably be based on Android 14 and will have the innovations and new features that will come with Android 14. Many innovations were mentioned at the Google I/O 2023 event, new features coming with Android 14, e.g; features such as more customizable lock screens, AI generated wallpapers, redesigned back gesture, per-app language support, etc. will come with MIUI 15. We can list the possible new features that will come with MIUI 15 as follows.

MIUI 15 getting more customization options

With Android 14, Google is now considering introducing a customizable lock screens. We saw this at the Google I/O 2023 event. Android 14 lock screen allows you to turn off your clock with a variety of different options. On top of that, you can opt for a more complex interface that rearranges other data on your lock screen, such as current weather conditions and date. Emoji wallpapers and cinematic backgrounds are coming to Android 13’s June Feature Drop, but that’s not the only new thing on the wallpaper front. On Android 14, you will be able to use AI to generate wallpapers. Also with Android 14 there are many visual improvements like minor tweaks to the system user interface (e.g more advanced system animations, redesigned back arrow for gesture navigation, etc.).

New Android 14 customizations in question will be in MIUI 15, and it is likely to meet users with much more detailed and extra features.

MIUI 15 will be more improved in terms of privacy

One of the biggest differences in privacy and security side that comes with Android 14 is that new update now blocks the installation of old Android apps. Google says this change specifically targets apps built for Android 5.1 (Lollipop) APIs and older versions. This change is quite significant considering that malware often targets apps that use older APIs. This change means that many abandoned apps (e.g. old games) cannot be installed on Android 14. Another change is, you will be able to turn off animations when entering your PIN. This will make it harder for anyone peeking at you to see that you have entered and memorized your PIN. This small change could be the difference between whether someone can access your phone or not. As of now, this feature is disabled by default. Google is also fighting malware and exploits by tweaking the intent system and dynamic code loading.

MIUI 15 will of course have all of these features and changes, and Xiaomi can make additional changes and additions.

Other MIUI 15 innovations and changes

Another new features coming with Android 14 includes some cool new lockscreen animations when typing your PIN. In addition, developers using Google’s development environment can now enjoy the automatically generated language files required for per-app languages to work. In Android 14, app developers can limit the visibility of their apps to disability-focused accessibility services. Android 14 will support Ultra HDR for your photos and videos. Android 14 shows which apps are using your location for various reasons, and sometimes shares your data with 3rd parties.

MIUI 15, which will debut with Android 14, will have all the new features in question, maybe even more. You can find all information about Xiaomi’s Android 14 Beta tests after Google I/O 2023 from here. So, what do you think about this issue, how will MIUI 15 be? Don’t forget to comment below and stay tuned for more.

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