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Apple needs Qualcomm for satellite connection but Android devices lack it, here’s why.

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On September 8, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 14 series. Apple has launched the iPhone 14 series in US without a SIM card slot and added a satellite based emergency communication system. In November, Apple will make satellite communications available in United States and Canada.

Apple uses Qualcomm chip for satellite connection!

If you’re into technology, you’ve probably heard that Qualcomm chips are used on Android phones. iFixit has disassembled iPhone 14 recently and they discovered Qualcomm X65 modem inside. Qualcomm X65 is capable of making cellular connection and it has Band n53 frequency.

Band n53 is used by satellites of Globalstar (GSAT.A). Apple will use up to 85% of Globalstar’s satellite network capacity to enable its new emergency messaging feature, according to a deal that Globalstar announced earlier this month. (via Reuters)

Apple claimed that the iPhone 14 has additional proprietary hardware and software for the new satellite connection feature in a statement made to Reuters. “iPhone 14 includes custom radio frequency components, and new software designed entirely by Apple, that together enable Emergency SOS via satellite on new iPhone 14 models,” is the statement of Apple

Future events are not easy to predict, but some Android phones might use the Qualcomm chip to support satellite communication. The Android phone manufacturers must also be able to make agreements with satellite companies. Read the Reuters’ news from here.

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