iPhone 15’s new camera feature was available on Redmi 4 years ago

The smartphone industry is a highly competitive field, and from time to time, this competition leads manufacturers to engage in playful banter with each other. Xiaomi’s latest move falls squarely into this category. When Apple introduced the main model of its iPhone 15 series with a 48MP camera sensor, it sparked a fun comparison among the leading players in the phone world. First and foremost, there’s a fact that everyone needs to acknowledge: camera resolution is not the sole factor determining photo quality.

However, Xiaomi decided to have a bit of fun with this new development and teased iPhone 15 with its Redmi Note 7 model regarding camera resolution. Xiaomi having used a 48MP camera sensor several years ago actually shows how long this rivalry has been going on. Xiaomi revolutionized the industry years ago by integrating high-resolution cameras into their smartphones. So, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi decided to poke fun at Apple at this point.

But the underlying reality behind this humorous rivalry is that both companies have their unique features and focal points. Apple is known for its sleek design, ecosystem, and processors, while Xiaomi stands out with budget-friendly and high-performance devices. Camera resolution is just one point, and both brands are taking different paths in this regard.

This playful competition where Xiaomi teases Apple actually benefits consumers. Both brands are striving to outdo each other, aiming to provide better products in the world of technology, which ultimately gives us users more choices. It’s hard to say who’s winning or losing because preferences and needs are personal.

Xiaomi using iPhone 15 series unveiling as fodder for jokes increases the excitement in the tech world and makes us eagerly anticipate their new smartphones that have the potential to deliver more beautiful shots. As a result of this competition, it’s possible to say that both companies will offer many more innovations that will surprise us in the future

Source: Xiaomi

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