Best Features and Changes of iOS 16

Today, Apple has introduced its first beta of iOS 16 with a ton of new software. Of course, coming with a lot of features and changes that make this update really exciting. Now, before we get into the Best Features and Changes of iOS 16, keep in mind that a new public beta for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, etc, is coming soon to the public.

iOS 16 has been released with new features and changes. In this article, we will review iOS 16, and you can learn about some of the best new features and changes of the new iOS 16.

Best Features and Changes of iOS 16

We will go over some of the best features and changes of iOS 16 for iPhone, including the brand new lock screen customization, features that we think many will like. Right now, you can only download iOS 16 Developer Beta, and for iOS 16 Public Beta you have to wait until it first or the second week of July.

Device Support

The first thing we want to talk about the Best Features and Changes of iOS 16 is the device support. Now, every iPhone from iPhone 8 and up will get iOS 16. So, if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, unfortunately, it does not support iOS 16. iPhone 6S and 6S Plus do not support iOS 16.

Family Settings

The first thing you notice on top of the settings is Apple ID. You have family settings and a checklist. So, this will show everyone is in your family. Also, there is a Family Checklist option, you can see there are more features to use with your family such as sharing your location, sharing iCloud, adding a recovery contact, etc.

Dictation and Spotlight Search

There are also different behaviors within iOS 16, if you go to the search tab and use the dictation, the actual dictation will keep the keyboard in the frame as well, so you can use dictation while you are using the keyboard as well. You can also use this feature on the Notes app too.

There is also another cool feature here, if you click the spotlight search on the home screen, suggestions also appear as before, but they are more active and bring true and rich information.

Home App

In the Home application, we also have a brand new user interface. We think it looks a lot better than in the iOS 15.

Email App

Now with the iOS 16, the Email application got an update too. If you go to the Email application you can see the notification link with the new update. It includes the Scheduled Send feature to set up messages to be sent at the right time. Also, the Remind Me feature helps you get the reminders to deal with messages in the feature, and the last one is Undo Send to edit emails and stop them from being delivered.

FaceTime Live Caption

For FaceTime, we also got a live time caption feature, when you are doing a FaceTime call, it will translate speech and text in real-time.


Now you have the ability to lock hidden folders and photos with the Touch ID or Face ID biometric on your device. So, recently deleted are now locked with Face ID or Touch ID. There are also some changes in the live text within the photos application.

The photos application now allows you to do live text within videos, so you can freeze the video and use live text for a specific time. So that you can translate and copy the text easier. You also have the ability to share and grab an object by simply holding it. Just by holding it, you can use it as a sticker and send it in the iMessages app.


The first thing to note is that Apple has now an audio extension to be able to send an audio message quickly. You can also edit the messages you send, including the ‘’Undo Send, and Edit’’ feature, but there is a timer on this for approximately 15 minutes.

Lock Screen

Finally, one of the Best Features and Changes of iOS 16 is the Lock Screen. Now the lock screen on iOS 16 is totally new, you can see how different this actually looks. So, you will have here everything new.

We have the new lock screen widgets, we have a new design for the clock and top of the lock screen what used to be the date that now actually is a widget on its own, so you can choose what you want to see there you do not have to have the date all the time even though the buttons at the bottom still remain the old ones, but the new media controls on the bottom of the lock screen look way better.

The notifications appear from the bottom, so what you need to do is swipe and when you get a new notification, they will appear from down below. On the lock screen, you will also get another thing which is called live activities like maybe keeping track of the score. So, let’s say you have the NBA app, there is a game going on, but you do not have to see notifications all the time, it will just keep like a card keeping you updated, and it will not just give you notifications all the time.


The lock screen is fully customizable, it really touches on it, you can add like new lock screen, and you can just change between them just like that so you tap one of them, and go to the other one, you can just quickly switch between different lock screens.

Now, of course, to customize one of those, you should tap on top of the lock screen to choose the widget you want. You can change the font and widgets, and also add ones or can remove them.


If you go to the wallpaper options and then select the lock screen wallpaper, you can customize the lock screen directly from the lock screen options as well. You can choose a photo from the camera roll or different colors.

How Good is iOS 16?

From now on, we can clearly see that Apple has brought many convenient features with iOS 16, and it will make its users happy than ever. We shared the Best Features and Changes of iOS 16, and even if it is a little buggy right now, they will solve it until the public release. Which feature did you like the most? If you have downloaded or plan on downloading iOS 16, please share your experience with us.

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