Best Xiaomi Electric Scooters – September 2022

The use of electric scooters has increased greatly in recent years. This is because they are more convenient than public transportation, much more economical than cars, and can be purchased at any store at affordable prices. If you are thinking of buying a Xiaomi electric scooter, here are 3 great Xiaomi scooter models on the list.

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro

Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro, the latest electric scooter released by Xiaomi, is powered by its 700W motor that reaches maximum power. It can reach a maximum speed of 25km/h and has an ultra-long range of 55km. The product can easily climb 20% slopes. Electric Scooter 4 Pro, which has Xiaomi’s patented tires, offers high-level handling performance thanks to 10” DuraGel tubeless tires. Tires perform well on most types of roads and last quite a long time.

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro has a 60mm taller handlebar and is 68mm longer than its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2. The increased size allows you to be more comfortable while riding.

The battery of the device, on the other hand, has a capacity of 446Wh and allows you to road up to a range of 55 km. You can easily charge your device at home with the magnetic charger. Also, thanks to the 5th gen smart BMS, your battery is much safer, short circuit protection, high current protection, heat protection and more are included in Electric Scooter 4 Pro.

Powerful front and rear brakes greatly enhance the riding safety of the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro. E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system shortens your braking distance and allows you to brake on the road without slipping.

Like other electric scooters, this scooter, which has a folding mechanism, can achieve compact dimensions when folded and can be easily handheld. The new scooter, which can be controlled via the Xiaomi Home app, was launched in China on June 23 and in Europe on August 22, and is currently the best among Xiaomi scooters.

Mi Electric Scooter 3

The next best model after the Xiaomi Electric Scooter 4 Pro is the Mi Electric Scooter 3. This model has an electric motor that offers a maximum power of 600W and can reach a top speed of 25km/h. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3, which has a range of 30km thanks to its kinetic energy recovery system, is equipped with a double disc brake that allows safe braking.

The body, which is reinforced with aluminium according to aviation standards, is much more durable than other competing models, ensuring longevity. Like other Xiaomi electric scooters, you can fold this model and take it with you.

Xiaomi Ninebot by Segway E25E

the Xiaomi Ninebot by Segway E25E is the cheapest electric scooter on this list. It has a much weaker electric motor than other models, reaching a maximum power of 300W, reaching a speed of 25km/h and overcoming 15-degree slopes. The ability to overcome inclines is weak compared to Xiaomi’s main electric scooter models. The device is equipped with a 5960mAH battery and has a range of 25km, if you have an optional secondary battery, it can reach a range of 45km.

Since it is an affordable product, it has drum brakes and its body is made of normal aluminum material. In addition, the Xiaomi Ninebot by Segway E25E has 10-inch pneumatic tires. If you live in a city where there are no difficult slopes, this scooter will be very convenient.


The first 2 electric scooters in the list are currently the most popular electric scooter models from Xiaomi, the last model is made in collaboration with Xiaomi and Segway and is an affordable model. Based on the technical characteristics of the products, you can find the most suitable electric scooter for you and enjoy the comfortable ride.

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