Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Chinese brand Black Shark launched the new Black Shark 5 series, which includes the Pro and the Basic version, but the Chinese brand did not stop there and launched the new Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. This model is a version of wireless gaming headphones with noise cancellation.

Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

This new version of Black Shark Headphones is called ‘’Fengming’’ with noise reduction that can collect ambient noise through two microphones, thus obtaining an adaptive noise reduction of 40 dB. This model also gets an ‘’A level’’ certification in ANC noise reduction power. Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones focus on the mobile game experience while challenging the limits of low-latency technology.


The packaging box is black too. The Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones inside the packaging contain a user manual, headset, USB charging cable, and headset compartment. There are Black Shark letter stripes on the charging case, and the case has a method of magnetic opening, which brings the most comfortable and convenient way to users. The overall compact design accommodates the straight-lined but elegant headphones, making them easier to carry. Size, Proportion, and weight allow players to take it anywhere and use it at any time quickly.

The whole Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is 180g, the headset weight is 4.6g, Bluetooth 5.2, the charging case battery capacity is 400mAh, and the headset battery capacity is 35mAh. We got the black matte surface style, and we can say that it looks elegant and sleek. The headset compartment also brings an energetic and calm design style.

Sound Quality

When it comes to gaming, the audio expressiveness of headphones is also a part of the experience. Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones adopt the industry benchmark 14.2 mm large-size high sensitivity titanium-plated composite diaphragm moving coil unit in terms of sound quality. It is equipped with a double-layer super large rear cavity.


This new Black Shark Fengming True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones experience is quite impressive and has everything. The price is affordable for users, and especially if you love playing mobile games, these headphones will be a good choice for you.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Review

The Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition is part of the latest generation of Piston earphones family. There are also other models like Xiaomi Piston 3, Xiaomi Piston 4, and Xiaomi Piston Basic. These 4 models are almost identical to each other, but just minor differences. If you want to see different headphones reviews, you can check out our Xiaomi Piston Pro article.

This model is actually one of the most budget-friendly earphones of the line, even more, low-cost than the Basic Edition. Despite the budget price, Piston Fresh has very solid constructed aluminum housings with a very nice finish. You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Piston Fresh Edition in a large variety of colors: blue, pink, black, silver, and purple,

Sound Quality

Xiaomi Piston Fresh Edition’s bass is coming powerfully and very deep. Energy and fun do not lack with these earphones; bass will cover even the more demanding music genres without any issues. Running the Piston Fresh through our extreme bass, it managed up to 50% of a Fiio E12 portable amplifier’s maximum power. Results were an insane enhancement of sub-bass and mid-bass, achieving even a basshead impact and rumble.


It can be easily recommended to anyone looking for an extremely budget-friendly earphone that sounds very good and has fun. This model also has a strong bass signature with nice-looking design and colors. Nowadays, this model is not easy to find but check Amazon and Mi Store if it is available or not.

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