Customize the MIUI Launcher with MiuiHome

MiuiHome [LSposed module]

Xiaomi has released alot of new features inside the MIUI Launcher and is still updating the MIUI Alpha Launcher to add new features like the new widget Drawer & an updated App Vault but by default it is limited to High End Devices

Since Android is open source many of our developer friends along with me try to new way to unlock the features that are only available for select devices inside the MIUI Launcher so a Chinese Developer YuKongA & QQ little rice have made an Module which allows to tweak certain aspects of the MIUI Launcher.



  • Phone rooted with Magisk
  • LSPosed should be Installed
  • Atleast MIUI 12.5


  •  Enable Smooth Animation.
  •  Always show status bar clock.
  •  Change task view blur level.
  •  Gesture animation speed.
  •  Infinite scrolling on the launcher.
  •  Hide the status bar in the Task view.
  •  The task view applies the card text size.
  •  The rounded corner size of the card is applied.
  •  Hide the name of the launcher widget.
  •  Enable Water Ripple download effect.
  •  Force the current device to be a high-end device.
  •  Change Icon Label Font Size
  •  Change Folder Column Count
  •  Option to Remove Page Indicator
  •  Enable Dock Bar and Dock Bar Blur

For a full list of features see the in the GitHub repository

Download MiuiHome


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