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End of the macro cameras: Future Redmi phones to feature a dual camera setup only.

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Redmi phones are favored by many for their affordability but unfortunately they often have a mediocre camera setup. Recently, some POCO and Redmi phones have incorporated optical image stabilization (OIS) in their main cameras however, having OIS alone does not guarantee a powerful camera setup.

Redmi phones have rarely included a telephoto camera. The Pro variants of Redmi K20 and K30 series offered a telephoto camera, but Xiaomi has decided to not use telephoto cameras on their Redmi K series. Everyone knows that flagship phones have a powerful camera setup and users prefer to use a better main camera and telephoto cameras that allow you to do long range zoom or maybe shooting high quality videos, but almost none of these are offered on Redmi phones.

Redmi phones to feature a main and ultra wide angle camera only

Redmi phones usually lacked the camera capabilities of flagship devices and instead utilize auxiliary cameras like depth sensors or macro cameras instead of telephoto camera. Xiaomi’s macro cameras, found on some of its phones, perform relatively well. However, compared to flagship devices, the performance of auxiliary cameras on most Redmi phones remains subpar.

It’s worth noting that flagship phones often achieve better image quality using their ultra-wide-angle cameras with autofocus capability rather than dedicated macro cameras, which raises questions among users regarding the purpose of having a macro camera.

According to a post by DCS, future Redmi phones will only feature a dual camera setup, excluding depth and macro cameras. This implies that the phones will only have a main wide angle camera and an ultra wide angle camera. The decision to limit Redmi phones to two cameras can be interpreted as either positive or negative. However, if this change results in reduced phone prices, it could be seen as a pretty logical solution.

Google Pixel phones have achieved impressive results over the years using comparatively mediocre sensors, thanks to their advanced software processing. What do you think about the cameras of future Redmi phones? Please comment down below!

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