Functional Xiaomi Products You Probably Don’t Know

Technology is used to make our work easier in some areas, but now it exists in many areas. Functional Xiaomi Products also exist. Xiaomi follows technological improvement, and it makes our lives easier. Xiaomi designs new products in this technology race and helps you in different works. People know the Xiaomi with smartphones, tv or pc but it has several innovative products.

This article is written to introduce you to Functional Xiaomi products you probably don’t know. These products can help you at your house, self-care, or job. You can use some of the products to control your house, making your self-care easier. So, there are so many reasons to discover these Functional Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush

One of the most important steps of technology is facilitating the field of health. Functional Xiaomi Products aim this. Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush makes professional your self-care. It has fully improved brush bristles, heads, and handles. If you have sensitive teeth Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush is for you. Specially designed for sensitive teeth. It has soft and non-irritant bristles.

Choosing the right toothbrush is important for oral health and brushing teeth can be hard in the early times of the morning. Xiaomi electric toothbrush presents you quiet and simple tooth brushing with its super cleaning power. You can control brushing speed for your oral conditions. Xiaomi electric toothbrush with the overexerting reminder prevents your teeth from gum bleeding.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier

Even if we don’t see it, the air in our house is full of risks for our health. Powder, pollen, pet hair, dust, etc. in your house threats your health. You can prevent your health with Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier from air pollution. It keeps your air fresh with its three-in-one-filter. These filters save your and your family’s health.

When you connect to the Mi Home app, your app is being best Functional Xiaomi Products and it reminds you the replace your filter. Also, you can control your house’s air when you are away from home. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier presents your indoor temperature and humidity reading. You check air quality with color codes, and you choose the air purifier’s mode. Also, you can choose automatic mode. When you choose the automatic mode product cleans your air according to house air condition. This feature provides great comfort, especially at night.

Mi Window and Door Sensor

Security technology is too innovative anymore. You can check your house with many devices. Xiaomi has an innovative product inside Functional Xiaomi Products. for the safety of your house. Mi window/door sensor made to understand whether the window/door is open or closed. You can combine your window and door sensor with other Mi Smart Home devices. Mi Window and Door Sensor can help you check your house’s door and windows when you are away from home.

You can use the Mi Window and Door Sensor for many purposes like other functional Xiaomi products. Mi Window and Door Sensor warns you about whether the window is open, and the air purifier will be turned off automatically when a window is opened for fresh air. On the other hand, if your drawer is open you can know with the sensor and you can protect your baby from a small home accident.

Mi 16-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver

Sometimes construction at home can be hard but small construction works easier anymore with Mi 16-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver. It has 3 settings for work efficiency. It is designed for a comfortable grip. It fits the shape of your hand and allows for easy application.

Mi 16-in-1 Ratchet Screwdriver made two high-strength materials such as nylon and fiberglass. Xiaomi thought of your comfort and made this screwdriver comfortable to hold. It is non-slip and non-stick because of its TPE rubber. Also, it holds 8 double-ended bits. You can use bits for every construction scenario.

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