Get the new features of Game Turbo 4.0!

As we know, Xiaomi introduced Game Turbo 4.0. Game Turbo 4.0 brings with it a lot of new features. To briefly mention these features, you can easily change the graphics settings such as the texture quality and screen resolution of your games but these new features are only available on devices, with chipsets Snapdragon 865,870 etc. Today we will have these new features on most devices.


Firstly we need to download SetEdit and LADB  apps. We can download Setedit and LADB applications from these links.

  • SetEdit
  • We download our apps and now Let’s move on to the action. To open developer options Let’s click on MIUI Version a few times.

  • We opened the developer options and now Install via USB and USB Debugging(Security Settings) Let’s open our two options.

  • Now let’s turn on the “Wireless Debugging” feature.To turn on wireless debugging Note that you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • We turned on the “Wireless Debugging” feature. Now let’s enter the LADB application and Let’s make our application “Floating Window” shape.

  • We changed our application to “Floating Window”. Now, let’s go to the “Wireless Debugging” menu and click on the “Pair device with pairing code” option.
  • We will write the numbers under the IP address and Port section in the Port section in the LADB application. An example of those numbers If I have to write It is first part of these numbers is “Our IP Address”, The ones after the 2 dots are our “Port” code.
  • We will write the numbers under the wifi pairing code in the pairing code section of the LADB application. After this transaction to you “Wireless Debugging Connected” a notification will come.

  • Now to the LADB application Let’s enter, write the code below and send it.
    pm grant by4a.setedit22 android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

  • Now let’s enter the SetEdit application. Let’s select the above part as “Global Table”. Then “GPU TUNER SWITCH” Let’s click where it says.

  • Click on the “GPU TUNER SWITCH” section, then click on the “EDIT VALUE” section, change the “false” section to “true” and click on the “SAVE CHANGES” section.

We have done all our operations, now we have the new features of Game Turbo 4.0.

Sample photos of Game Turbo 4.0 ;

Now we can easily change the texture quality and screen resolution of the games we play. This method may not work on some devices. Don’t forget to follow us for more guides. If you want to customize your devices much better, you check out the Xiaomiui Mods & Themes channel. You can access the channel from the link below.

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