How to Install Google Play on Huawei Emui 11 with GMS Installer

Since 2019, Huawei has had no permission to use Google Services on their devices. This is a super complex topic with policy and timelines. However, if you are using a Huawei device, you need Google Services; it is a must because it includes Gmail, YouTube, and more. Today, we will give GMS Installer Huawei Emui 11 methods, and these are for all Huawei phones without GMS.

With the method we will give, you can use Google Playstore on Huawei Devices such as Nova 9, but it is also compatible with P40 Series, Mate 40 Series, and many more. You do not need a PC, USB drive, or installing LZ Play. We will explain how to install it and modify it with the Google Play icon hack. Without further ado, let’s check out.

GMS Installer Huawei Emui 11

We use a brand new Huawei phone, and it runs EMUI 11; go to the AppGallery, search for GSpace and install it.

Also, download this GSpace 1.0.5 with Google Play ICON HACK on your phone. It will open the Mediafire page, tap on the big blue button, and tap on download. You will see that the GSPACE ICON FONETECH file is now downloading into your device.

Then, you have to search for files application, open it and search for download, then click the browser, hold the finger on the GSPACE ICON FONETECH file and click extract to, leave it as it is, and tap “OK.” Now tap on the extracted file, and it is time to open the GSpace app you downloaded on AppGallery. It is so far the best version of GSpace, and the application is officially in Huawei AppGallery.

App will load after you allow the permissions, but you need to do Google Play Icon Hack. So, go back to the GSpace files that you extracted and install the Shortcut Maker. After installing it, click the GSpace shortcut file and open it with Shortcut Maker. You can see the Google Play icon on your home screen, and from there, you can sign in with your Google account.

Is GSpace working Properly?

Google Play services fully work on EMUI 11, and you can see that the Google Play protection is turned on, and this feature protects the device from harmful applications. From here, you can download anything you want.

How to Downgrade EMUI 12 to EMUI 11?

This method is very simple, but you need a computer, and a flash drive to do it. First, download the latest version of HiSuite from Huawei if you are using EMUI 12. When it is installed, just open it and make sure that you got the latest version. Thanks to this app, you can downgrade your Huawei phone to be able to use GMS. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable, then pull down the notification panel on the phone, open the USB setting and select transfer files.

Go to settings and enter hdb in the search box. HiSuite from Huawei will ask for your passcode, and now you can see the passcode is appearing on your phone. Enter the passcode on your computer, and just select connect. Click on Update on the HiSuite app, but we need to switch to other versions, click restore and rollback. Before you continue, make sure that you make a backup of everything.


This article was about downloading and installing GMS Installer Huawei Emui 11. We also explained how to modify it and use Google Play Icon Hack. We think these features are useful because we need GMS on every phone. If this method did not work on your Huawei device, check our previous article about Three Different Methods to Install Google on Huawei.

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