Haylou GT3: New Budget Haylou Earphones!

Haylou GT3 Pro has the technical features to satisfy users who attach great importance to high quality sound. earphone production, which began with Haylou’s GT1 model, continues to evolve every year. The latest model has immersive drivers and a microphone and is very affordable.

You should be careful when choosing earphones. Do not harm your health with poor quality wireless earphones, the batteries inside are extremely poor quality and therefore pose a great risk. In addition, poor quality wireless earphones can injure your ear. Avoiding these problems is simple, you can look at the products of Xiaomi’s affordable sub-brands. Haylou’s wireless earbuds are pretty good for their price.

Xiaomi attaches great importance to the headphone industry, including sub-brands. Haylou’s latest models now have the quality and specifications to compete with other products. Compared with the latest Haylou GT3, its predecessor GT2 and the first series headphone Haylou GT1, it has the ordinary earphone design compared to bud design.

Haylou GT3 Technical Specifications

The material quality of the Haylou GT3 is good for its segment. With a weight of 3.9 grams, it is quite light. It is also waterproof and has an IPX4 certification. The hardware specifications are worth a look. The Haylou GT3 is equipped with 7.2 mm dynamic drivers that provide balanced bass and treble. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can easily watch movies or play games without experiencing high latency issues. One of the advantages of Bluetooth technology, which can be described as modern, is that it offers a long connection range, and the Haylou GT3 has a connection range of 10 meters. It also supports the SBC codec for high sound quality.

The intelligent DSP noise reduction technology suppresses background noise during the call and improves the quality of your phone calls. The high-quality microphone of Haylou GT3 picks up your voice clearly.

There are touch controls on the earphones that you can use to perform various functions. You can perform 6 different functions by touching it. In addition, it is possible to activate the assistant by touching it. It is enough to touch your earphone 3 times, then the smart assistant will be activated without the need for your phone.

Haylou GT3 Price

As the newest member of the Haylou GT series, the Haylou GT3 offers its users high quality sound and allows you to listen to as much music as you want thanks to its long battery life. The new earphones from Haylou is affordable, you can have this headset with many technical features for about $30. You can also buy it on AliExpress.

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