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Haylou RS3 Smartwatch – Affordable and Stylish!

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Haylou is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, which often produces various smartwatches and TWS earphones. In recent years, it has accelerated the production of wearable accessories and launches new products. Haylou RS3 has advanced technical features for an affordable smartwatch. High quality display, stable working positioning and more are available.

Haylou’s position in the smartwatch market is growing, as it has improved its product quality over the years and launched competitive products. The Haylou RS3 is an affordable smartwatch and its specifications can compete with flagship watches.

Haylou RS3 Technical Specs

Haylou RS3 is equipped with a high-quality AMOLED display, as ordinary TFT displays cannot provide a good experience. The 1.2 inch screen has a resolution of 390×390, which can be considered high for smartwatches, in order to present a clear image. It is quite elegant in design and looks stylish on your wrist. The thickness of the watch is 12.5mm and the material of the band is made of plastic. If you wish, you can give your watch a new look with third-party bands.

Customizing the watch face is easy: connect the device to the Haylou Fun app and download the user-designed watch faces to the Haylou RS3. It has great health monitoring features. It can measure your heart rate and most importantly measure the oxygen level in your blood. It has a SpO2 function, just like the flagship watches. Also, he or she can advise you based on your oxygen level. Supports 24-hour health monitoring, including monitoring heart rate, sleep, breathing exercises and other functions. It can even report your heart rate when you sleep. You can check out Haylou Fun for details.

The most important feature of Haylou RS3 is that it is equipped with high accuracy GPS. The watch includes Sony GPS with low power consumption and continuous operation. Low-accuracy GPS technologies cannot properly report the distance you walked and other information, so the Haylou RS3 has a high quality GPS component.

Haylou’s new smartwatch, which has 14 workout modes, allows you to do and record many outdoor and indoor exercises. In addition to these, it can record and report swimming exercise as it is resistant to water pressure up to 5ATM. Haylou RS3 has longer battery life than most smartwatches and is class-leading. You can use it for up to 21 days with simple use, up to 12 days with normal use, and up to 21 hours with continuous GPS mode on.

Haylou RS3 Price

Haylou RS3 is an affordable smartwatch that impresses with its best-in-class battery and display. Users who want to build a cheap Xiaomi ecosystem can choose this product. You can order the watch on AliExpress through the official Haylou online store. The approximate price is $70.

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