How to Use Hidden Hardware Test Menu (CIT) on Xiaomi Phones

Whether you’re selling your phone, buying a used one, or simply want to see what is going on with it, it is important to test our devices and its hardware for possible defects or make sure everything is alright. However, going through every single component one by one is inefficient. How do we make these checks then? In this content, we will teach you how to thoroughly test your smartphone’s hardware.

Learning About CIT


What is CIT?

CIT is a built-in android application that stands for Control and Identification Toolbox. It consists of a list of tests to check each and every single component in your device. This app is usually hidden in your software and can be enabled in several ways.

Before buying a phone, you can enter this menu and see which hardware of the phone is broken. You can also check here if there is any problem when your device is damaged. This test menu is also used in the Xiaomi factory. You can easily trust.

Accessing CIT Menu

To enable access to CIT menu in Xiaomi devices:

  • Go into Settings
  • Tap on All specs
  • Tap on Kernel version 4 times

and the menu will appear. If your device is Android One, another way to enable this menu is

  • Open Phone app in your launcher
  • Dial *#*#6484#*#*



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