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How to change MIUI lock/unlock sounds without root

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When you buy a phone from a manufacturer, you’re mostly stuck to their skin of Android in them. “How to change MIUI lock/unlock sounds” has an answer for that as well. But some of them have open leftover backdoors to customize the elements of some system like themes, but some of them stay hidden. In MIUI, there’s a backdoor leftover open to change lock/unlock sounds in system.


It’s not hard to do it, and so doesn’t even need a PC. It’s changable by using SetEdit app. Xiaomi has left some values on MIUI to change system sounds. In this case, we will show you how to change MIUI lock/unlock sounds.

How to change MIUI lock/unlock sounds

To change MIUI lock/unlock sounds, SetEdit app needed, but along with some system-level permissions. This guide also shows how to grant the system level permissions for SetEdit.

  • Download SetEdit
    Download LADB
  • Enable Developer Options & USB debugging before doing any of these.
  • Turn on the “Wireless Debugging” feature. To turn on wireless debugging please note that you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


  • After enabling it, enter the LADB application and keep it open in background.
  • Now, let’s go to the “Wireless Debugging” menu and click on the “Pair device with pairing code” option.
  • We will write the numbers under the IP address and Port section in the Port section in the LADB application. An example of those numbers If I have to write It is first part of these numbers is “Our IP Address”, The ones after the 2 dots are our “Port” code.
  • We will write the numbers under the wifi pairing code in the pairing code section of the LADB application. After this you will get a notification saying “Wireless Debugging Connected”.

Step 3

  • Now go back to the LADB application write pm grant by4a.setedit22 android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS, and hit enter. This will grant the system-level permissions to SetEdit app, which is what we want. Now we can continue to the guide.
  • Enter SetEdit app.
  • Tap the “System Table” menu in top-right corner.
  • Choose “Global Table”.
  • Now, find the values for lock and unlock sounds.
  • Once you find it, tap on them then choose edit value.
  • Put your sound(.ogg extension recommended) on directly your phone’s storage.
  • Now, example, my sound is named “alternative.ogg”. So, I will type “/storage/emulated/0/alternative.ogg” on the value. Do the same for other for the sounds you want to use.
  • Once you’re done, save the changes, then exit the SetEdit app.
  • Reboot the phone now.
  • Once you rebooted the phone, the sounds for locking/unlocking should be changed now.

So yeah, that’s all the steps you need to use for “How to change MIUI lock/unlock sounds”. Keep in mind it might not work on some devices as in some MIUI versions Xiaomi has blocked from doing these changes in system.

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