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How to choose Xiaomi Power Bank?

Running out of battery is a problem, especially when you might not have access to a charger. There are many power bank varieties on the market. Xiaomi is one of them, and today we will explain ‘’How to choose Xiaomi Power Bank?’’ in detail.

A power bank can keep your smartphone full of battery without a charger, so you will never have to a call from your relatives or miss a selfie opportunity. Xiaomi power banks are small enough to fit in your pocket, and if it needs, they can be larger with a higher capacity. Xiaomi produces a variety of power banks, but all of them have different features. We will review some of the Xiaomi Power Banks from the different types and their purpose.

How to Choose Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi Power Banks

If you want a high-quality product and would like to avoid disappointment, you pick a well-known brand like Xiaomi. The company is a China-based manufacturer widely recognized as reliable. It is a safe choice since you know what to expect from Xiaomi products.

Products by Xiaomi are a good value for money, which makes them especially popular. The product portfolio of Xiaomi is broad and ever-expanding.

How to choose Xiaomi Power Bank?

When choosing a power bank by any brand, keep in mind such parameters as weight, number of ports, capacity, and extra functions, such as fast charging. If you need a power bank occasionally, like recharge your phone during a short outing, you can choose a lightweight model with moderate capacity. If you need something to support you longer and would like to charge more devices or recharge more than just once, you should choose a more powerful Xiaomi power bank.

We have selected two Xiaomi Power Banks for you to choose from. Check them out.

How to Choose Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi 10W Wireless Power Bank 10000

This model is much cheaper than the other power banks on the market. The good thing with the Xiaomi 10W Wireless Power Bank 10000 is that you have a soft rubberized side, so even if your camera bump is touching the power bank, it is protected thanks to the rubberized part power bank.

Now let’s look at what does this power bank have. It has a 10000 mAh battery in there, and it has a couple of ports on the top: Type A USB and Type C. You can simultaneously charge two devices on the wireless mat, whereas one through the output cable. The wireless pad is at 10 watts. The good thing about the power bank is that it also charges up at 18 watts, so it does support a 5 volt 3 amp or a 9 volt 2 amp input.

The overall weight of the power bank is 230 grams, which is fairly light. It is pretty sleek and ergonomic, and the finish on the metal casing is also really nice, and it feels soft to touch in hand as well. It comes with a USB A to USB C cable inside the box. It is a compact cable, and it can be used to charge up your device.

20000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Pro

If you are researching for a power bank capable of not just fast charging a phone but also charging larger devices such as an iPad, a Nintendo switch, or even a laptop, you should consider this model. For the price, 20000 mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Pro seems unreasonably good.

This power bank is a bit heavier with 400g and slightly larger than the previous model because it has 20000 mAh. It does have a matte finish, so it is not slippery. It also comes in black color. There is a short 30cm Type A USB to Type C cable in the box.

It supports 5 volts up to 12 volts 1.5 amps, which means they support a quick charge. It is limited to 3 amps if you are using both of those watts. What makes a Type C port interesting is it is an input and an output, and it supports up to 20 volts 2 amps which means you can use it to power things like MacBook Pros and devices that have Type C connectors.

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