How to debloat your Xiaomi phone with ADB

As we know MIUI comes a lot with unwanted bloatware apps and these can slow your phone down, so here is how to uninstall them.


Apps like Facebook, Xiaomi data collecting apps and Google Services can eat up ram in the background even if you dont use them. Uninstalling these unwanted apps can free up space on your storage and can speed up your phone. There are many ways to debloat your device but in this guide we will be only using the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools method.

You will need a computer for this process.

How to debloat MIUI

First of all you need to connect your device to your computer in ADB mode. to do this;

  • Go into the Settings > About phone > All specs > And tap on the MIUI version repeatedly to enable Developer Options.


  • Then go to settings > additional settings > developer settings (at the bottom) > scroll down and enable USB debugging and USB debugging (Security settings)

Now you need your computer to download Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.
download the app from the Szaki’s github downloads.
you will probably need Oracle Java to run this application.

  • Open the application and connect your phone to your computer with a usb cable
  • Your phone should ask for authorisation click ok to continue
  • Wait for the app to recognise your phone

Congrats! Now you are ready to delete apps you dont want. but wait you shouldnt delete every app you see here. Some apps are needed for your phone to work and deleting them might cause your phone to not boot into android system( if this happens you need to wipe your phone to get it working again this means losing all your personal data).

Tick the apps you want to uninstall and press the uninstall button at the bottom. If you accidently delete a app you didnt want to delete you can reinstall apps with the “reinstaller” tab.