How to get call recorder on Xiaomi Phones?

Everyone has felt the need to use a call recorder least once in their life. For example, if a company says bad words to you on the phone, these records will be very useful. Of course, it should not be forgotten that recording a conversation without the consent of the other person may be considered a crime in some countries. So it is recommended that you do your research thoroughly before using it. It’s up to you to research the legal stuff let’s get to the point.

How to get call recorder on Xiaomi Phones?

There are 3 ways to record calls on Xiaomi devices. With default Mi dialer, Google dialer (newly added call recorder). In this article you will learn all of that.

How to use call recorder on Xiaomi Phones with Mi dialer?

For this, you have to have Mi dialer app as stock on your device. Stock roms with mi dialer are all roms for 2019 and earlier devices. You need to use Chinese ROM, taiwan ROM and Indonesian ROM for 2019 and beyond. There are also modules that are said to add Mi dialers to global ROMs, but none of them are fully functional. So it is not recommended to install. Let’s go to the steps.

  • In call UI you able to record calls. You need to tap recorder button in call. For recording a call, tap the record button like 1st photo. Then give the mic permission for call recording like 2nd photo. And after all, you need to tap again thr blue recordedr button for stopping call recorder.

How to listen recorded calls on Mi dialer?

  • Firstly Open the Mi dialer via taping the dialer icon. Then tap the little arrow button in latest call. Tapping the little arrow is important. If you tap on the latest call, it will re-call the number. Then select the recorded call. Finally you can listen the recorded call via tapping the play button.

How to use call recorder on Xiaomi Phones with Google dialer?

All country ROMs has Google dialer except listed above for Mi dialer. Google dialer did not have call recorder feature until these days. Recently, call recorded feature has been added to some countries. But it is not available for all countries, if your Google dialer has call recording feature, read this topic.

  • You must be in the call UI when using Google Dialer. During the search you will see the record button. To record the call, simply press the record button. Unlike Mi dialers, when you use the call recording in Google dialer, both you and the other party hear the “this call is being recorded” sound.

How to listen recorded calls on Google dialer?

  • Open the Google dialer firstly. Then tap the call that you recorded. Then you will see recorded conversations. Tap the conversation you want to listen to and then tap the play button.

It’s that easy to use the call recorder feature! If you don’t see this feature in Google Dialer, it is still unreleased for your country. It is recommended to wait patiently for this. Or you can record your conversations with 3rd party applications. Or as a last resort you can install an Indonesian ROM on your device. Do not forget to write in the comments whether you are satisfied with Xiaomi’s call recorder.

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