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How to Hide Phone Number on Samsung Galaxy?

One of the issues that come to mind of millions of users of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones today is how they can hide phone number on Samsung Galaxy devices. In this article, we aimed for you to have information on this subject.

Why do we need to hide the phone number?

With the smart phone models released in recent years, it has come with many important functions. One of these important features is the phone number hiding feature. One of the companies that has an important place in the smartphone market is Samsung. Galaxy series phones manufactured by Samsung also have a phone number hiding function.

With the recent increase in fraud incidents on a global scale, protecting our personal data has reached an important dimension for our lives. In case of such events, we may be hesitant or unwilling to share many of our information, including our mobile phone number, with third parties we do not know. At this point, if we want to hide our phone number, the smart phones we use are with us with their features. Apart from this, in some cases, we may want the phone number to be kept confidential in phone calls that we need to learn but do not want to be understood as ours.

How do I hide phone number on Samsung Galaxy?

On phones that are the part of the Samsung Galaxy family, we can access the phone number hiding function in two different ways, depending on the model of our phone series.

In order to hide phone number on Samsung Galaxy Fame models, we must enter the “Phone” app on the main screen. From there, enter the call settings from the “Menu” section. In the window that comes up, we need to tap on the “Additional settings” section. On the screen that appears, we must enter the “Caller ID” section and select the “Hide Number” option. When we want our phone number to be shown again after the call, we can choose either “Network Default” or “Show Number” options instead of the ‘Hide Number’ option to unhide the phone number.

The method to hide phone number on Samsung Galaxy high-end models is however quite different. In order to hide phone number on Samsung Galaxy high-end devices, first, we need to enter the ‘Phone’ application on our phone again. On the screen that opens, we must touch the part with three dots in the upper right corner. On the screen that opens, we must select the “Settings” section. On this screen, we can access the option to hide our number from the “Supplementary Settings” and then “Show Caller ID” field. Similarly, we can deactivate this feature again whenever we want.

If you are on another brand’s smartphone or using Google Phone application as your default phone app, you may want to check out How to Hide Phone Number when calling in few seconds content.

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