LSPosed Framework: What is it and how to install

If you ever rooted your device, you should have come across a thing named “XPosed Framework“. In Android 9 and above, it’s alternative is LSPosed Manager. But, many people really dn’t know what it is exactly used for. In this article, we’re going to explain you what is it exactly and how to install it.

Xposed Framework

LSPosed is new version of Xposed. Both are an unofficial Android framework made for changing codes of system apps. By changing these codes, new customization options and features can be added to the Android device using LSPosed Framework.

LSPosed History

Back in the days, when there was no Magisk, where we were using SuperSU, KingRoot, and others, it wasn’t like Magisk. You couldn’t just flash modules to customize how your Android would look or how it would run. And that’s where Xposed Framework came in. It was a framework tweak that let the user to customize the system however the user wanted with Xposed modules. But as Magisk got launched and got better and better with newer Android versions, Xposed slowly became outdated as developers didn’t update it anymore with the Magisk’s launch. And so, Xposed modules slowly faded and forgotten, until where LSPosed came in.

LSPosed Manager

As said, that’s where LSPosed manager actually came in. It was basically same as the Xposed Framework but with support for higher android versions with active development on it, while still being able to install Xposed modules just like how you did before. The only downside with is that it doesn’t have an online store on it like how Xposed did, so you need to fid the modules that suits you on the internet. We did gave an example of a module on how to use it via LSPosed. Although that being said, we will also guide you about how to install it along with the article as well.

Installation of LSPosed

You need a device that is rooted using Magisk for this.

Download files

Enter GitHub page and download latest “zygisk” version.

Install LSPosed Magisk Module

Install LSPosed Magisk Module according to this guide

What is Magisk? & How to install Magisk Modules?

  • Now reboot the device.

That’s it! You have LSPosed installed in your device.

Don’t worry, incase if you’re using Magisk v24 which doesn’t have magisk repo, which causes you to not able to search modules, we did provide required files. Check “Downloads” section of this article.

If you’re using Magisk v24, please turn on Zygisk in settings and install LSPosed Zygisk variant instead of using Riru one.

LSPosed Bugs and Fixes

Like other products, this mod can have some bugs.

Error: failed to run

Full error is named as “ failed to run. Magisk is broken in this device.”
If you’re getting this error, there isn’t a fix. It’s mostly related to kernel and boot section of the device. Try flashing stock kernel, or clean flash the current rom without doing anything else like flashing a kernel over it. Other than that, there isn’t any fix for this error unfortunately.

LSposed not showing

LSPosed app doesn’t install automatically sometimes. You have to install LSPosed apk manually.


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