How to Use Magisk Hide?

Magisk sometimes being a problem for apps. You can’t use an app because of Magisk, app says “your phone is rooted please uninstall it”. But you’ll learn Magisk Hide, hiding Magisk from apps instead of uninstalling. In this way, you will have a rooted device and you can use any application.

What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk Hide hides root permissions for selected apps. It hides root permission on selected apps and those apps act as your phone is not rooted. With the Magisk v24 version, Magisk Hide has been removed and Zygisk denylist has been added. It provides the same functionality.

Usage of Magisk Hide

You have to install Magisk V23.0 for use Magisk Hide. Newer versions have Zygisk. both are different but their goals are same. If your phone has Magisk V24.1, you can follow this article to downgrade Magisk-V23.

First open magisk app and tap settings icon on the top right.

How to Use Magisk Hide?
This image is How to Use Magisk Hide? It has been added for you to understand the subject visually.

After tapping the settings icon, slide down a little bit. You will see “magisk hide” selection. Enable it.

This image is Magisk Hide It has been added for you to understand the subject visually.

Then go back and tap shield icon on bottom.

You will see your apps requiring root and Magisk hide tab. Tap magisk hide tab.

After that probably you will see Google Play Services and 2 sections enabled. If not, enable it manually.

And look for apps requiring Magisk hide. Like bank apps, crypto apps. Then find your app and select all sections.

You can use this for all apps. Now you hid root for Binance and Google Play Services. You will no longer receive silly warnings when you open these applications. If you want uninstall magisk completelly follow this article and if you have Magisk-v24.1 or later follow How to Use Zygisk article.

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