Huawei and Honor | Differences, Similar Products, Aim

Huawei and Honor are two Chinese manufacturers that we are used to hear side by side. Whether Huawei and Honor are the same brands, and whether the technologies they use are the same, are some of the things that are wondered about today. Today, the technologies and aims of these brands, which are two different brands, differ. Although Huawei and Honor are two separate brands, they still seem to be two brands in common today.

Huawei had launched Honor as a sub-brand. Over time, the goals and mission of Honor, which is self-sufficient, began to offer quality products, and increased prices, which began to change considerably. Than Honor, which was sold by Huawei, separated the Huawei and Honor duo and turned them into two competing brands.

Huawei and Honor Differences

These brands, which are now two different brands, serve different purposes and different technologies. Although the common area of ​​the two brands is to produce things such as wearable technology, phones, and accessories, they have different aspects and differences in terms of vision and mission.

The first Huawei and Honor difference begins with Huawei selling Honor as a company to a Chinese consortium. Honor, a sub-brand of Huawei, belongs to the consortium and the Shenzhen government as a different brand. Thus, their paths diverge and they appear as two different brands. The difference is in the way devices work, operating systems, and technologies. While Huawei is trying to develop its operating system for its phones and tablets, Honor comes up with MagicOS, which is a completely Android-based interface on its phones. There are Honor devices that come with HarmonyOS until 2020. Both brands produce mobile network technologies, wearable technologies, and smart devices.


What is HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is an Android-based operating system developed by Huawei. Using the EMUI interface before HarmonyOS, Huawei focused on establishing its operating system due to Google restrictions and pressures and started the HarmonyOS project to gradually move away from Android. Although it is currently Android-based, it is expected to gradually be completely free of Android. At the same time, if you are using a device with HarmonyOS, you can see Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2022 update schedule by clicking here.

What is MagicUI

Honor used EMUI and HarmonyOS before being sold by Huawei. After Honor was sold, Honor, which was completely supported by Huawei, developed its interface called MagicUI in terms of EMUI continuation and similarity. Although Honor’s new devices now come with the MagicUI interface, Honor devices were manufactured in 2020 and before used EMUI and HarmonyOS.

Huawei and Honor Similar Products

In terms of similar products, Huawei and Honor have many products. These two brands, which are now rivals to each other, and all other smartphone manufacturers produce similar products with each other. But we will only consider similar products from Huawei and Honor, and we will look at these products under three headings: flagship phones, wireless earphones, and wearable technology.

Huawei and Honor Similar Flagship: Huawei Mate 40 and Honor Magic 4

Among similar products, phones come first. Huawei and Honor may have similar phones. But flagships attract than the other similar products than other similar products. Honor Magic 4 and Huawei Mate 40 are the flagships of these brands and are two very similar products.

The Honor Magic 4 comes with the Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, while the Huawei Mate 40 has the rival processor Kirin 9000E. Both devices offer 50MP camera resolution. Honor, which takes the lead in terms of battery, offers 4800 mAh, while Huawei offers a battery capacity of 4200 mAh. Besides, these two devices, which are very similar in design, are the most similar products offered by Huawei and Honor.

Huawei and Honor Similar Earphones:

Honor FlyPods and Huawei FreeBuds Lite, which are similar products of Huawei and Honor, are quite similar in terms of both design and features. Both earphones have automatic wear detection, so they can detect movements such as inserting and removing them from your ear. Both earphones allow you to listen to music for 3 hours with a single charge and 12 hours with the charging case. There is no noise canceling on either earphone.

Huawei and Honor Similar Wearable Technologies

In terms of wearable technologies, the two brands offer very similar products. This extreme similarity may attract attention. These two smartwatches are quite similar in terms of price and design. Honor Watch Magic 2 and Huawei Watch GT2, which have minor feature differences, come with an AMOLED screen. It fully incorporates classic features such as GPS, pedometer, and heart rhythm meter, which should be found in a smartwatch in common with both devices. These two watches, which you can easily use in training, offer you the option to monitor your training carefully and to have a healthier training.

Huawei and Honor’s Aim: What are their Visions?

Now, it is necessary to look at the aims and the difference between the aims rather than the common aspects. Like every rival phone manufacturer, Honor and Huawei have their differences, aims, and objectives. These purposes may seem similar but serve quite different purposes.

Huawei’s aim, for now, is to completely scrape HarmonyOS from Google and Android and make it an operating system of its own. Trying to offer a lot of content in terms of AppGallery for this, Huawei has not forgotten its other missions and visions for these goals and continued to develop new phones, new accessories, and new technologies. Honor, contrastingly, presents itself as future-oriented. Saying that it attaches great importance to R&D, Honor aims to become a leading brand by developing superior technologies as much as possible. It aims to lead a smart life by producing completely smart products.

The differences, similar products and goals of both brands are covered as seen. Although they were under the same roof before, Honor has not had a relationship with Huawei since it was sold. Huawei and Honor, which are completely different brands, now offer different purposes and different technologies. Strengthened after this crossroads, Honor can even rival Huawei.

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