If you’re a fan of Xiaomi, you’ll love these apps!

Moving step by step Xiaomi has occupied practically every smartphone segment with at least one capable entry and providing some of the best value to the market. Xiaomi’s smartphones and tablets are used globally, probably because of their affordability and top-notch quality.

But did you know Xiaomi has also developed some cool apps that are really useful? Listed below are 5 Xiaomi apps that you are going to love, If you’re a fan of Xiaomi.

These apps are free of cost and can be downloaded easily from the play store. Let’s take a look at them!

Note- Some apps are only compatible with limited devices, Please check if the app is compatible with your device before downloading.

1.ShareMe: File sharing

As the name suggests, ShareMe is a file-sharing application that is extremely fast and easy to use. It supports file transfer to android and even iOS devices.

You can use this application to share images, videos, apps, music, and files from one device to another. The best part is that you don’t even need an internet connection to share files. It works just fine with or without the internet.

This Xiaomi app is very simple to use, it has a user-friendly UI. It automatically sorts all the files into categories like Music, videos, and apps which makes it very easy for you to find and share.

ShareMe also supports sharing of large files and it also lets you resume interrupted transfers without having to start over.  It has multiple languages options such as Español, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and of course English.

2.POCO Launcher 2.0

Awarded as one of the best 15 android apps released in 2018, Poco launcher 2.0 is a fast and lightweight launcher that gives a clean look to your device. This launcher is specially designed to provide high performance and an amazing look to your android device.

Xiaomi poco launcher 2.0

This Xiaomi app has a minimalist design, It organizes all your apps in the app drawer hence keeping the home screen clean.

With Poco launcher 2.0, you can not only also resize your home screen layout and app icons but also apply customized wallpaper, animations, and themes. It also allows you to use third-party app icon packs to give your device an entirely new look.

Its features like app suggestion, icon color category, etc. are highly convenient and save a lot of time by helping you quickly find what you are looking for. You can also keep your apps private by hiding their icons from the app drawer.

3.Mi File Manager

With over one billion downloads, Mi File Manager is one of the most popular Xiaomi app. It is a free, secure, and efficient file manager that also lets you share files offline.

It has tons of useful features such as quick search, moving, renaming, unzipping as well as copy-paste and sharing. Mi File Manager also supports multiple formats such as MP3, APK, MP4, JPG, and JPEG. Not to mention the plethora of document formats.

Xiaomi File manager

It categorizes files by their formats which enables you to quickly access the files you are looking for. You can also manage your storage space and folder in one place. The file manager also supports compression and decompression of ZIP/RAR archives.

Mi File Manager has a special feature known as Cleaner which lets you free up storage on your device by cleaning cached data and junk files.

With help of Mi Drop, you can share files with people who are nearby even without an internet connection.

4.Mi Calculator

Mi Calculator is the most popular calculator app in the Android world. It is compatible with all the popular smartphone brands like Samsung, Vivo, OnePlus, and Oppo.

Xiaomi calculator

It is sort of an all-in-one calculator, It has a built-in scientific, mortgage calculator as well as a unit and currency converter. With the Scientific calculator, you can find logs, trigonometric functions, squares, and much more. It also has a GST (Goods and service tax) calculator which is highly useful for Indian users. Its other features include an Age calculator, BMI calculator, Date calculator, and Discount calculator. Not to mention all the basic functionalities a calculator has.

5.Mi Calendar

Mi Calendar is a great productivity tool, it helps you to easily manage your tasks, meetings, and special occasions. Its completely ad-free UI makes it even more comfortable to use.

Note- Mi calendar is only compatible with devices running MIUI 12 and above ROMs.

Xiaomi calculator

This Xiaomi app can help you make the most out of your day. You can use reminders to create and view your to-do list alongside your tasks.

With Mi Calendar, you can sync all your calendars in one place, it works smoothly with Google Calendar. The best part is that all your events from Gmail get added to the calendar automatically. You can now forget missing any Flights, concerts, or restaurant reservations.

It also has a daily feed that helps you stay updated with new trends, horoscopes, and weather.

These were the five useful Xiaomi apps that can make your life easy. Want to know more amazing things about Xiaomi? Read here

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