Top 3 important features in MIUI 13 Control Center!

Features in MIUI 13 control center are usually overlooked and ignored. However, there are nice features that are worth noticing. We intend to bring out 3 of the most important features and how you why these features in MIUI 13 control center are not to be underestimated.

New Volume Bar

Volume bar is a newly added feature into the MIUI control center that removes the necessity of hardware buttons when it comes to adjusting the volume. We can see a similar design with such bars in iOS control center as MIUI is often inspired by iOS. And with that, it adds up a new vibe paired with the new vertical brightness bar to the overall look of control center. It is vertically positioned next to Wi-Fi and Mobile Data tiles along with the brightness bar, which is also in the same design.



Mi Smart Hub

Another one of the new features in MIUI 13 control center is a feature called Magic Center that is a medium between your other Xiaomi devices, a communication tool to manage connected devices through your smartphone. This tile has been added next to the media control and goes as Mi Smart Hub, and you can view your whole Xiaomi ecosystem in this tile. Device list that support this feature is not small either. You can control many of your devices with the comfort of this new addition the control center.

Here is a list of devices supported by this feature:

  • Smartphones
    • Any model with MIUI 13 based on Android 12
  • PCs
    • All Xiaomi and Redmi notebooks
  • Smart TVs
    • Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED 55/65″, Mi TV 5/5 Pro 55/65/75″, Mi TV 5A 43/50/55″, Mi TV 5S 43″, Mi TV 4A 32/40/43/50 / 55/58/65″, Mi TV 4S 43/55/65/65 Pro / 75″, Mi TV 4C 40/43/50/58″, Mi TV 4X 55″, Mi TV Full Screen Pro 43/55/65″, Mi TV Master 82″, Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition
    • Redmi Smart TV 32″, Smart TV Max 86/98″, Smart TV X50 / X55 / X65 / X75
  • Tablets
    • Xiaomi Pad 5, Pad 5 Pro, Pad 5 Pro 5G with MIUI 13
  • Smart Speakers
    • Xiaoai Speaker, AI Speaker 2nd Gen, Xiaomi Sound, Xiaoai Speaker Pro, Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker, Xiaoai Speaker Touch Screen Pro
    • Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro, Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker

Notification & Control Center Switch

In MIUI 12 control center, we used to have to swipe down from the left of the statusbar in order to open up notifications panel and right for the toggles panel. Along with the new MIUI 13 control center, we are now able to switch between notifications and toggle windows with just one single swipe to the left or right. And the switching animation has been improved and become much smoother with the new updates.


MIUI 13 may not have changed too much about the overall UI or brought on a lot of new features in MIUI 13 control center but the features that have been added should not be ignored as they are still great and useful additions that make the use of the system much easier.

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