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Install iOS Recents And Disable Frameskipping

MIUI has the ugly grid recents and frame skipping by default that limits the fps to 30 on some devices and it’s not close-able. Theres a trick to pass it!

What is frameskipping? Normally the phone’s screen can render 60 frames per second(or more depends on the device and it’s display panel) but Xiaomi have it limited to 30 frames per second for “stability” on some low-end and a few mid-range devices. But not anymore with this guide! This will also add an iOS styled recents interface and gets rid of that ugly grid style recents. Also enables blurred search bar as a bonus.

This requires Magisk.


  • First of all, download the required Magisk module from below. It’s used to both disable frameskipping and also give the recents iOS styled interface.


  • Open Magisk and flash the module.
  • Reboot the device.

ios recents

  • After this, the launcher will crash anytime you try to go to recents. To fix this, to go launcher settings, enable horizontal recents in arrangement option(check image).


  • Restart the launcher from settings(check image).
  • After all of this if it’s still not working continue following the guide. It’s not working probably because of your device doesn’t have the gesture bar enabled.
  • Download the required module named “AntiLowEnd” from below and flash it in Magisk.


  • Reboot the device. And after that you should have the missing features that Xiaomi normally disables(it’s mostly needed if you’re using MIUI 12. MIUI 12.5 has the gesture bar enabled by itself).


Launcher Module


Credits to Sipollo for the launcher mod.

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