How To Install MIUI 13 Apps on MIUI 12.5

In every software update of an Android device, all system apps gets updated including other things suchs as like wallpapers and more. But for the phones that doesn’t get the update, we have a solution(at least for Xiaomi).

This might not work on MIUI 12 as it’s a little too outdated. So before complaining, be sure that your device is using at least MIUI 12.5.


  • Go into our Telegram channel, which is MIUI System Updates.
  • Search for the app that you want to update from the top-right search button.


  • In my case, I want to update my Themes app to the most avaible one. As I’m using China ROM of MIUI, I’ll install the china version of the app.


  • Normally MIUI China ROMs doesn’t let you to update the system apps from anywhere except it’s store for safety. To fix this, we need to install google’s package installer. If you’re using global, you can skip this.

Install Google Package Installer


  • After installing the google package installer, try installing the app. If it still redirects you to the MIUI installer, you need to debloat the MIUI package installer using our debloating apps guide.

Install Using File Manager

If the above method didn’t work, there’s still a way.

  • Save the apk to downloads.
  • Open File Manager.


  • Find the APK file you saved.
  • Open it.
  • Now MIUI Instaler will let you to update the app, as File Manager is counted as a trusted source.

Please keep in mind that not all apps can work on you device, sometimes not even global ones as Xiaomi is too resricted in updating system apps. Try disabling signature verification, which might help you to bypass that resriction. Although keep in mind disabling signature verification reqires a rooted device.

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