Introducing of Blackshark earbuds with a feature you haven’t heard of is soon!

BlackShark has long been preparing for a new product launch, which will take place on March 30. A new TWS earbuds model, including the BlackShark 5, will also be unveiled by BlackShark as part of the product launch. The TWS earbuds look very ambitious and are powered by Snapdragon Sound.

During in the day, BlackShark announced on its official Weibo page that the new TWS headphone model with Qualcomm chip will launch on March 30 and will feature noise canceling. The BlackShark TWS headphones include the Qualcomm QCC3056 chip and come with Bluetooth 5.2. The additional features brought by the QCC3056 chip will excite users. The BlackShark TWS are likely to support aptX and will offer an incredible sound experience when paired with aptX-enabled phones.

BlackShark's new charismatic TWS earbuds will be launched soon

BlackShark TWS’s design

The charging box of the headset and the design of the headphones will attract the attention of gamers. The details on the charging box and the sharp lines of the headset add elegance to the product. The BlackShark TWS features a transverse indicator light on the charging box. Only the green light can be seen in the photo, but it probably changes color depending on the charging status.

There is no detailed information yet, but we can comment on BlackShark’s new TWS headset. It’s powered by Qualcomm’s chip and Qualcomm’s additional capabilities in software, and it has a nice design. The BlackShark TWS is a product that will appeal to users if it is offered at a competitive price.

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