Is your phone really fast? Test phone speed with these steps!

If you have seen phone reviews, you might have noticed that there are ways to test phone speed based on CPU, GPU, RAM and read & write performance. Components that create a smartphone are in fact measurable. How does one conduct such a test that measures the overall performance of a device? There are actually a lot of ways to rank your device among others, and this content will touch on that.


Geekbench app is a cross-platform tool to quantify the overall performance of your device and compare it to the others that took the same test. It puts a workload on your device based on real world tasks to validly test phone speed and returns a relatively result as to how your device will perform on real life usage. This test, however, specifically design to evaluate CPUs and GPUs, therefore the results will not be inclusive to all components.

Not being inclusive in nature, Geekbench is still not to be underestimated in that major organizations such as AMD, Microsoft, Samsung, LG and such uses this app for their products. With this app, you can upload and share your results with other users, informing them how fast your device can go. To interpret your results, all you have to do is go into ranking section and see your devices’ rank.

Geekbench 5
Geekbench 5
Developer: Primate Labs Inc.
Price: Free

AnTuTu Benchmark

Antutu app is another cross-platform tool that is quite inclusive in that it can benchmark the CPU as well as the GPU and read & write speeds of your SDcard. It is quite a common tool, so common in fact that some hardware manufacturers are known to have cheated on this test to boost their products’ performance score, making the app untrustworthy, however, AnTuTu has come up with a new app called AnTuTu X in order to make cheating much more difficult and enhance reliability.

This app also supports 3D testing, OpenGL up to 3.1 with AEP and many more tests. It also offers detailed information about battery temperature, battery levels, and CPU load changes. Just like Geekbench, this app also aims to test phone speed based on real world use cases and return results relatively close to a realistic usage of the device. You can download AnTuTu Benchmark from here. You can interprete the overall score in the ranking page, checking out where you’re at in the ranks.


Androbench app is again a specific tool that targets internal storage read & write and database IO speeds. It offers 2 different kinds of testings to test phone speed, one being Micro and the second being SQLite. Micro test is a way to quickly benchmark the base performance of your storage and compare to those of others. SQLite test on the other hand is designed to benchmark the speed of database actions such as Insert, Delete and Update on a database table that resembles that of messaging app on your device.

Since it is not an all inclusive app, tests will tend to be faster and to retrieve more reliable results, you need to minimize or close all the background apps before running the test. As the name suggests, it is not a cross-platform app, rather aimed at Android only and free of advertisements. This app rather returns the actual speed than a score, therefore what you see as a result is pretty much what you get. If you have high speeds, you have high speeds and if low then low.


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