K50 Pro+ Display Features Have Been Revealed!

As you know, Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi’s new K50 series will be introduced very soon. If you remember, the Redmi K50 Gaming (ingres) device was released in the past months. And on March 17, all K50 series devices will meet with users in China.

We have reached the screen features of the K50 Pro+ (matisse), which will be released soon. Let’s have a look.

Cutting-Edge Screen!

There are 4 devices in total in Redmi’s new K50 series: K50 (munch), K50 Pro (rubens), K50 Pro+ (matisse) and K50 Gaming (ingres). Redmi K50 Gaming (ingres) has already been released, we have also mentioned specifications of other devices here.

And newly arrived K50 Pro+ (matisse) device have revolutionary display technologies.

Redmi K50 Pro+ Official Promotional Picture



The color of the K50 Pro+ (matisse) device in this picture is “Silver Trace”. According to new information from Redmi, there is an A+ quality display with DisplayMate approval. DisplayMate is an industry standard that optimizes, tests and evaluates all display technologies for any display, monitor, mobile display, HDTV and LDCD display.

DisplayMate certified 2K (WQHD – 1440×2560) Direct Screen

Device screen has a WQHD (1440×2560) resolution. That’s a really good value, meaning sharper and more vibrant images. Brightness value of 526ppi has been reached. There is a collaboration with Dolby Vision. Screen is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus. It has DC Dimming feature and has 16.000 kinds of automatic brightness values.

Here are the screen features of the K50 Pro+ (matisse) device. Redmi’s flagship series will make a lot of noise. The K50 Pro+ (matisse) device is the biggest device in the K50 series, probably the other devices in the series will have the same screen features. New Redmi flagships will be introduced in China 3 days later, on March 17th. we will be waiting. Follow us to follow the agenda and learn new things.

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