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Take Screenshot on Blocked Apps | Black Screenshot Issue | Disable Flag Secure 2

In some apps when you try take a screenshot, it just takes a black screen shot. This is because of security. To overcome this, you should follow the steps in this article. The module “Disable-Flag_secure” in LSPosed is required to remove this from apps. And this module incognito tab etc. Allows you to take screenshots, screen recordings in places. In this article you will learn using of Disable-Flag_secure module.


  1. Magisk
  2. LSPosed

Installing Flag Secure Module

  • Assuming you have installed LSPosed with the above article, the first step is to open LSPosed app. And tap the download icon on left-bottom marked with red square.

lsposed opening

  • Then, tap the search button marked with red arrow on top-right. Type “secure” here. And tap the 2nd section.

  • Then tap the “Releases” button marked with red square on top-mid. And tap “Assest” button to download lates module APK file.

  • After tapping the Assest button, a pop-up will appear to screen. Tap on it then download the APK file. Don’t mind the “harmful” warning. File is safe.

  • After that, open the downloaded APK file. And install it. After install you can’t open the app. Because app hasn’t any GUI. Then pull down the QS and tap the notification for enabling the module.

  • When you tap the notificaton, you will see the module options. Tap the enable button marked with red square and select “System Framework” if it not selected. Then select the apps which one do you want taking SS or recording screen on everywhere. An example Telegram for private chats. Then reboot your device.

  • As you can see, after enabling the module, you can take SS from lock screen. Also you can take SS from Telegram’s private chat tab.

After that, you can take SS from anywhere using that module. Thanks to owner of the module for making this. Also if you select Netflix and etc. you can take SS and screen record from Netflix. Unfortunately you need to select apps by one by. And if you are using zygisk, you cannot use the module for applications that are on the denylist. First you need to remove those apps from denylist. After that, you can use the module for that apps.

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