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Meaning of Letters in MIUI Versions — Have you wonder?

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MIUI, Xiaomi’s popular Android-based operating system, features version codes that consist of letters and numbers. These codes hold hidden meanings that provide insights into the characteristics and origins of each MIUI version. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of MIUI version codes and explore the meanings behind the letters, unraveling the mysteries that lie within.

Android Letter

The letter “U” in the UNCMIXM MIUI version code represents the Android version on which the MIUI build is based. Here are some examples of Android version mappings

  • U = Android 14
  • T = Android 13
  • S = Android 12
  • R = Android 11
  • Q = Android 10
  • P = Android 9

Device Code

The letters “NC” in the version code denote the device code, which identifies specific Xiaomi device models. Here are some examples of device code mappings

  • NC = Xiaomi 14
  • MC = Xiaomi 13
  • LC = Xiaomi 12
  • KB = Mi 11
  • JB = Mi 10
  • FA = Mi 9
  • EA = Mi 8
  • CA = Mi 6
  • AA = Mi 5
  • XD = Mi 4


The letters “MI” in the version code signify the region for which the MIUI version is intended. Xiaomi customizes MIUI to cater to various markets worldwide. Here are some region code mappings

  • CN = China
  • MI = Global
  • IN = India
  • RU = Russia
  • EU = Europe
  • ID = Indonesia
  • TR = Turkey
  • TW = Taiwan
  • LM = Latin America
  • KR = South Korea
  • JP = Japan
  • CL = Chile 

SIM Lock

The letters “XM” in the version code indicate the SIM lock status of the device. Here are some SIM lock status code mappings

  • XM = Unlocked
  • DM = Demo ROM
  • VF = Vodafone
  • OR = Orange

Conclusion: Understanding the meaning behind MIUI version letters in the UNCMIXM code provides valuable insights into the Android version, device code, region, and SIM lock status associated with Xiaomi devices. By deciphering these letters, users can gain a deeper understanding of software compatibility, device variants, regional customizations, and SIM card flexibility. Xiaomi’s thoughtful implementation of these codes showcases their commitment to providing tailored experiences for users around the globe. As MIUI continues to evolve and new version codes are introduced, knowing the significance of these letters will help Xiaomi users navigate and appreciate the rich features and diverse offerings of their devices.

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