MemeUI Enhancer V0.8 Update | Make MIUI Smoother and Better

If you’re a Xiaomi user, you problably come across the main issue of MIUI, the slowness. MemeUI Enhancer comes to solve this. Though it seems like not an issue for some users, MIUI is always falling behind of others in smoothness, due to it’s heavy services. Today, we will show you a module, which will optimize these services and make MIUI run better.

MemeUI Enhancer V0.8 Update Changelog

With the version of MemeUI Enhancer V0.8 it got a lot of new features. These features are awesome about customization.

  • Removed various useless code (causing overheads)
  • Enhanced junk cleaner function
  • Refactored main MIUI tweaks
  • Misc. refinements
  • Improved logging a bit more
  • Adopted new tweaking implementation from AOSP Enhancer
  • Removed useless code from misc. MIUI tweaks
  • Miscellaneous improvements
  • Improved logging system
  • Enhanced various functions
  • Fixed freezing issues
  • Reworked on priority optimization tweaks
  • Use profile-guided compilation in dex opt.
  • Tweaked more MIUI related tweaks
  • Misc. changes & fixes
  • Change affinity before optimizing prior. of system processes
  • Keep low prior. processes in background
  • Removed potentially useless tweaks
  • Added dex optimization
  • Refactored misc. miui tweaks
  • Compiled using latest Android NDK with latest llvm polly & -O3 flags
  • Sync before applying any changes
  • Enhanced system processes optimization process
  • Removed useless tweaks
  • Fixed a critical bug while applying misc. miui tweaks
  • Improved execution speed
  • Miscellaneous refinements

What does MemeUI Enhancer do?

MIUI’s core itself including some system services are usually not needed for normal usage, and makes the device run slower, and so the module fixes that by

  • Enhances MIUI for better battery backup and performance by tweaking Core MIUI Services.
  • MIUI Daemon services is just like MIUI Core, required services for system to run, such as camera, apps, and others, but also has unnecessary stuff in them. And so the module fixes that by;
  • Tunes some MIUI surfaceflinger props. It disables various com.miui.daemon services which are not needed, resulting in making overall experience better.
  • And so due to these, normally MIUI runs slow/not smooth, and looks bad. As the module fixes these, results with;
  • Better Smoothness, Better Battery & you will notice some Temperature Drop while charging and normal use.
  • And(not tested), maybe better experience in games as it is disabling heavy things of MIUI that runs in background normally.

MemeUI Enhancer Installation Guide

You can install the MemeUI Enhancer module using this tutorial


You need these to use the MemeUI Enhancer module

  • MIUI 11 and newer MIUI versions (Including and other modded MIUI custom ROMs)
  • Magisk
  • Download MemeUI Enhancer Magisk Module from here.

Start operation with opening Magisk App. We will install MemeUI Enhancer Magisk module using Magisk.

  • Enter modules section.
  • Tap “Install from storage”.
  • Find the module you downloaded in your files.
  • Tap to flash it.
  • Reboot.
  • You’re done! Enjoy using it now.


If you face any issue and wanna completely disable it and then type su -c "XpGaEzx in termux or any other terminal emulator. This command will disable it’s optimization completely. Now you can simply remove it from magisk & reboot device once. Some users reported as breaking notifications after installing it. If you do experience that, follow this video.

The developer of MIUI Enhancer, LOOPER, has various performance modules such as MemeUI Enhancer. The general purpose of these are improve user experience like MemeUI Enhancer. These mods are XLoad and XEngine. You can get better performance and battery backup using his other mods if you aren’t using a Xiaomi Phone. These mods are also working on Xiaomi too. You can follow the developer LOOPER’s Telegram channel to try these mods and follow the developer.

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