Mi 11 got Android 12 based MIUI 13 Stable Update in China!

Second stable MIUI 13 update released for Mi 11. This is also first stable Android 12 update of Mi 11 in China.

Last night, the MIUI 13 stable update was released to the Xiaomi Tab 5 series. Today, the MIUI 13 stable update for Mi 11 has been released. Xiaomi announced update date as the end of January. However, today, January 2, MIUI 13 update (V13.0.4.0.SKBCNXM) for Mi 11 is released. With the update, as we mentioned earlier, MIUI 13 and Android 12 updates have also been received together. This update brings screenshot frame also for Mi 11.

The size of the released update is 4.2 GB.

MIUI 13 Changelog of Mi 11

MIUI 13 | Connect Everything


  • Added face verification protection and privacy watermark functions to protect you in daily life
  • Added full-link electrical fraud protection function to help you stay away from telecommunications fraud. Added new widget system, supporting rich application widgets and personalized widgets
  • Added a new system font MiSans, which is visually clear and comfortable to read
  • Added live wallpaper beautiful science “crystals”, showing the beauty of science under the microscope
  • Add a fully customizable Xiao Ai classmate, your personal intelligent assistant
  • Added some features of Xiaomi Magic Enjoy, which supports the interconnection of mobile phones and tablets, and the content is between devices seamless natural flow
  • Optimize the basic experience faster and more stable

Basic optimization

  • Optimize the fluency of system applications and third-party applications on the head
  • Optimization Improve desktop fluency and enhance user experience


  • MIUI stable version based on Android 12 deep customization is released

Xiaomi Miaoxiang

  • Added some functions of Mi Magic. You can automatically connect and experience the seamless transfer of apps and data by logging in to the same Mi account on your mobile phone and tablet. The photos taken by the mobile phone are automatically transferred to the tablet to display the new hotspot transfer, support the tablet to connect to the mobile hotspot, add support for clipboard intercommunication, copy on either end of the phone or tablet, and paste directly on the other end
  • Added application flow, through the tablet taskbar, continue to use mobile applications on the tablet When you insert a note into a picture, you can add it by taking a photo with your mobile phone. The full features of Mi Magic will be upgraded later. For details, please refer to the MIUI official website. To use the photo transfer function, you need to upgrade MIUI+ to 3.5.11 and above in the app store of your mobile phone and tabl

Privacy Protection

  • Added a new document privacy watermark, intelligently identify sensitive documents, and quickly add watermarks to prevent personal
  • Pieces of information stolen
  • Added full-link electronic fraud protection, including electronic fraud warning, official identification, and risk transfer prevention. Added privacy input mode to protect the privacy of input methods. Added system-level occlusion during face verification to avoid excessive acquisition of privacy by applications. Use MIUI13 privacy Protection function, you need to upgrade the photo album, mobile phone manager, contacts, SMS and other applications to the latest version in the app store
  • Protection, to help you stay away from Telecom Fraud
  • Added incognito mode, all recording, positioning, and photographing permissions can be prohibited when turned on

System Font Design

  • Added a new system font MiSans, with clear vision and comfortable reading


  • Newly added live wallpaper beautiful science “crystallization”, showing the beauty that is not easy to find in the microscopic world


  • Added a new widget system, layout your desktop with rich widgets
  • Added rich system and third-party application widgets, useful information is directly exposed to you. Added fun personalized widgets, including personalized clocks, signatures and stickers, and more
  • Fun widgets waiting for you to discover

Xiaoai Classmate

  • Added a fully customizable Xiao Ai classmate, the image, voice, and wake-up words can be customized. To use this function, you need to upgrade Xiao Ai classmate to the latest version in the app store

More functions and optimizations

  • Added a new global sidebar, which supports opening applications in the form of small windows. Optimized dialing, clock, weather, and theme accessibility modes. Optimized browser privacy protection, web browsing, and information reading experience
  • Added Xiaomi Wensheng adds environmental sound detection function
  • Optimize the recognition success rate of barrier-free voice control
  • Optimize the operation experience of the Mindnote node
  • Optimize the visual style of the wallet interface

Important Hint

  • This update is an Android cross-version upgrade. In order to reduce the risk of the upgrade, it is recommended to back up personal data in advance. The boot loading time of this update is relatively long, and performance and power consumption issues such as micro heat, micro card, etc. may occur within a short time after boot. Please be patient. Some third-party applications have no version adaptation, which will affect normal use. Please be careful to upgrade.

With this update, Mi 11 users got new multi-window features, the new MIUI Next feature. These features have been leaked before. Now all users will be able to use it officially. This published update is now released under the Stable Beta branch. Not every user can access this update. However, you can download this update via the MIUI Download Telegram Channel.

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