Mi Electric Scooter Essential Overview

Mi Electric Scooter Essential presents more fun transportations in the city, now. Transportation is hard in city life, but this scooter offers fast and fun transportation in the city life. It eliminates your transportation problems with its innovative technology. Its lightweight and easily foldable makes it stand out. Also, its design and fast can fascinate you. It can be one of the best Xiaomi electric scooters.

Let’s examine the general features of Mi Electric Scooter Essential before we move on to the article:

  • 12kg weight
  • 20km range
  • 20km/h max. speed
  • 3 seconds fast folding
  • 5‘’pneumatic tires
  • Multifunctional dashboard
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum body
  • E-ABS + disc brake

Mi Electric Scooter Essential Features

Mi Electric Scooter Essential includes three-speed modes such as pedestrian mode, standard mode, and sport mode. You can choose the speed mode according to your speed. Pedestrian mode offers 5km/h, the standard mode offers 15km/h and sports mode offers 20km/h. Mi Electric Scooter Essential has a high safety power lithium battery. It can be used for 20km with its long battery life.

Mi Electric Scooter Essential’s kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) has been fully upgraded. It is more efficient when braking thanks to its kinetic energy recovery system. This scooter’s other feature is an easy connection with the Mi Home app. When you make a connection between your scooter and the Mi Home app, you can check riding stats and battery status. When you make a connection between your scooter and the Mi Home app, you can check riding stats and battery status.

Mi Electric Scooter Essential Design

Mi Electric Scooter Essential is designed with explosion-proof tires. The durability of the tires increased. You can use the scooter on non-paved roads like gravel and grass. This scooter has a larger new taillight. Others can see easily thanks to the new taillight. This design presents a safer drive at night. It also has the brand-new 2W headlight. The lighting angle design presents staying below the line of sight.

Mi Electric Scooter Essential’s reflectors are enhanced night visibility to keep you safe while you are driving at night. These scooters are designed for easy use. It is only 12kg and you can easily carry it on a scooter with its design. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It can be folded in only 3 seconds with its minimalist design. It is compact. You do not have to worry about how much space will it take.

With all its features and design, Mi Electric Scooter Essential makes easier transportation for you. Now, you can be saved from the traffic problem with this product. It also can be used on non-paved roads. It is a compact, fast, and innovative scooter. If you want to have fun transportation Mi Electric Scooter Essential is made for you.

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