Microsoft Surface Duo runs Windows 11!

The first Android supported model among Microsoft’s Surface models, the Surface Duo runs Windows 11 by third party developers. Windows running on a Surface Duo is not yet fully stable and there are some features that are not working. No worries, the Surface Duo Windows 11 developments are still new and getting more stable day by day.

A new model was added to the Surface family by Microsoft a while ago. Microsoft Surface Duo which was the first Android smartphone in the Surface series, had a dual screen and had a great impact at the time of its release. Many users wanted such a device to have Windows instead of Android because the design of the device was pretty cool for the tablet mode enabled Windows 10 experience. There is the Surface Neo model, which has a similar design to the Surface Duo but is larger and runs Windows 10X, remaining in the prototype stage, but no news since 2020.

Although the Windows pre-installed model was not released in the series introduced in 2020, this is no longer a problem to worry about. The Microsoft Surface Duo runs Windows 11, but with some bugs. A developer named Gustave Monce has been trying to run Windows on the Microsoft Surface Duo for some time and his announcing the developments on Twitter. The developer has come a long way. One of the latest improvements is the smooth running of dual screen.

Microsoft’s most popular smartphone, the Surface Duo runs Windows 11 of latest version. The Adreno 640 GPU works fine with graphics acceleration. The sound does not work yet, on the screen side, the dual-screen has just been fixed. The touch panel bug has not been fixed yet, so you will have to use it with a Bluetooth mouse.

Microsoft Surface Duo Technical Specifications

Unveiled in 2020, the Microsoft Surface Duo has a unique design compared to its competitors and comes with a dual screen. It screen is 8.1 inches and with a resolution of 1800×2700 pixels, it is quite large for a smartphone. The Surface Duo is powered by Qualcomm’s 2019 flagship Snapdragon 855 chipset, which is still powerful in 2022 and can run new games with high graphics performance. The Microsoft Surface Duo shipped with Android 10 and has received the Android 11.

Users are very happy that Microsoft Surface Duo runs Windows 11. Surface fans are eagerly waiting to use a foldable Windows-installed two screens Surface model. The hardware of the first generation Surface Duo is still powerful and can therefore run Windows properly.

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