MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K: Ultimate gaming keyboard from Xiaomi

Xiaomi continues that leads the gaming industry and keeps launching new products for gamers. The MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K can rival high-end gaming keyboards from other brands. It has quality switches and other technical features that make gamers very happy. Bring a new look to your desk environment with MIIW’s stylish mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are much more expensive than ordinary membrane keyboards, but the reason for the cost is quite normal. While an average membrane keyboard promises a maximum of 10 million clicks, you can clicks 70 million with the MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K. Moreover, the latency of mechanical keyboards is very low compared to a membrane keyboard. With mechanical keyboards, you will feel very comfortable while gaming or typing.

MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K Features

MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K has important features for gamers and office users. It has a simpler design than other mechanical keyboards, but is made of high quality materials and is shock resistant. The lower part of the keyboard and the key covers are made of ABS plastic, while the upper part is made of aluminum. The cable length of the MIIW mechanical keyboard is 1.8 meters.

The MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K uses Kailh made red switches, the Kailh company is the best switch manufacturer after Cherry. The red switches are not very loud, they are suitable for office and gaming and have a life of 70 million clicks. Apart from the red switches, the keyboard only has white light and can be set to 6 different modes.

The most important feature of MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K that will be useful for gamers is that all keys can be pressed simultaneously, thanks to anti-ghosting on all keys. There is no anti-ghosting, with membrane keyboards or cheap mechanical keyboards. If you want to play professionally or type fast, anti-ghosting is a very important feature. In addition, you can activate the game mode by pressing the WIN+FN keys and turn off the Windows key.


Equipped with the best switches in the world, high quality materials and interesting technical details, the MIIW Mechanical Keyboard 600K is not sold globally. You can buy it at the price of $50 on AliExpress.

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