Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan Review

Famous for its phones, the Xiaomi brand is more than just a phone brand! Hundreds of other products or technologies such as smartphones, wearable technologies, autonomous vehicles, satellites that provide internet from space, and humanoid robots dominate economies as well as affect our lives. Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan is one of them.

Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan Review

Unlike most tech companies, Xiaomi has a wide range of products. As of 2022; It continues to operate in dozens of areas such as smartphones, wearable technologies, laptops, cameras, home technologies, scooters, mobile applications, and even clothing.

The area in which the company has the largest market share is undoubtedly smartphones. The company, which was on the list of smartphone manufacturers with the highest sales last year, with a shipment figure of 146 million units, set this year’s 2022 target as 240 million units.

Although it is a very strong brand as a phone brand, Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan is among the products recommended in the field due to its other usable products, price performance, and many usable areas.

About Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan

Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan, which has a rotating structure with PTC patent, has a structure that provides cold air when turned on and hot air when turned off. In addition, thanks to the 2200 W ceramic heating devices inside, you do not need to wait for hot air to supply, the moment you turn on the hot air use, it will provide you with hot air without having to wait for it to warm up.

Mi Home App

Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan becomes a very smart fan with the Mi Home app you can download to your phone. At this point, it becomes quite different from other fans. That is why a Xiaomi brand fan can be preferred.

Thanks to this application, the Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan has an air temperature of 20 degrees, the temperature of which can be adjusted in the form of 100 blocks in the range of 2 meters. You can easily adjust the angles to provide the air temperature with this application.

Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan’s Specs

Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan uses high-performance brushless fans with a maximum air output power of 541m³/second. The fan adopts a cylindrical tower design with a round base. It has a 6.9mm slim outlet design and is also equipped with a 150-degree ultra wide angle air source and super large air outlets.

In addition, the Mijia fan uses a frequency conversion induction motor that runs smoothly and quietly with noise as low as 34.6 dB. The fan consumes as much as 3.5W less power. Maximum fan speed operation requires only 1.1 kWh for 6 days of operation, assuming 8 hours of use per day. This smart fan has a feature that enables it to be turned on and off with a single sentence with its artificial intelligence.

Why you should buy the Mijia DC Inverter Two Season Fan?

Xiaomi, which is quite famous for its smartphones, has other wearable technologies, tools, etc. It has accomplished very successful things with its products. If you like to use smart devices in your home and you are looking for a very useful and fast device, this product is for you.

This fan, which you can connect to your phone with the application, has very useful features. In addition to this, its design is also very stylish and it will undoubtedly give your room a great look. Mijia DC Inverter Two Season distinguishes itself from other fans and pleases its users with its eye-catching features. You can buy this model from here.

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