Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot

If you are looking for a robot cleaner, Mijia's new disposable sweeping and mopping robot is perfect for you.

This robot vacuum cleaner has the function of rinsing napkins and in this article, we will focus on the new Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot, it is also known as Xiaomi Mijia Self-Cleaning Sweeping Mopping Robot MJSTP. It was released on sale at the end of 2021 and is actively sold on Aliexpress.

Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot Review

The Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot are able not only to automatically wash the napkin at the station during cleaning but also to lift it up when driving on carpets. In one cleaning cycle, Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot can simultaneously vacuum and mop the floor, leaving the carpets dry and clean.

When moving, the platform with a napkin makes progressive movements, which should help to wipe off the dirt from the floor more effectively.


The Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot came in a really big box. In addition to the robot and the station, the delivery set includes two power adapters, an instruction manual in Chinese, and two microfiber cloths, one is already installed on the robot.

There is also a spare side brush and a cleaning tool for the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot. There are even spare accessories included, but there is no additional HEPA filter.


Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot is made in white color, in round shape. Case height is 97mm from the floor. An obstacle detection sensor is located on the front of the mechanical bumper. There is no additional wall sensor, and the charging terminals are located on the back part.

On top of the cover, you can see 2 mechanical control buttons, which are start/pause, and force return to base for charging. Lidar is made for identifying the location, and it is spring-loaded. This feature protects the robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck under furniture.

The dust collector of the robot is located under the top cover. Its filtration system is based on mesh and HEPA filter. If we look at the bottom of the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot, we can see 6 fall protection sensors. The platform for fastening the napkin is not removable, the napkin is held by Velcro and a groove. There is no water tank, but the napkin itself is quite dense. It is 2 or 3 times denser than ordinary napkins. The central brush is very dense.

Charging Station

There is a big charging station for the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot. It looks really big but it is only 45cm, with the lid open, the height reaches 72cm. The station has two mechanical control buttons. Under the lid of the robot, there are 2 tanks for dirty, and clean water. Each of the tanks holds approximately 4 litres of water. The big minus of the robot’s station is that it is not possible to remove the platform for washing with water.


The international version is currently not on sale, so when connecting to the Mi Home App, you need to select the China region. The application interface will be in English, but the robot itself speaks Chinese.

On the main working panel, the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot builds a map of the room and zones it into areas. By clicking on the desired rooms on the map, you can send the robot to clean the rooms.

There is also a local cleaning mode and a cleaning mode in selected areas. Under the map, there are buttons for the forced return of the robot to the station and start/pause. Below are the cleaning options.

In normal mode, you can select the cleaning mode: dry and wet, wet only, and dry only. The suction power is also adjustable. On the settings, you can set virtual walls and restricted areas for the wet cleaning mode.


The navigation of the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot is really good. It crosses the entire area along the perimeter, and with a snake moves between the obstacles. The robot did not get stuck between the obstacles and is able to separately go around the obstacles.

The suction power is weak, this is the first serious remark about the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot. It can collect garbage in high performance. The robot completely collected the garbage on the stand, leaving only a small part in the corners, due to its round shape.

The quality of carpet cleaning is below average. Wet cleaning does not turn on if you manually move the robot to the right place. In order for the Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot to wipe the floor, it must be launched from the station. It may not be perfect, but the quality of dirt removal and cleaning is above average.

Technical Features

The battery is Li-Ion 5200mAh.
Suction power is up to 2800 Pa.
The operating time is 120min
Cleaning area up to 100sq.m.
The capacity of a dust collector is up to 500ml.
Passage of obstacles up to 20mm.
Robot dimensions 353*96.5mm.
Station dimensions 390*410*450mm.

Is Mijia Disposable Sweeping and Mopping Robot worth the Price?

At the time of preparation of this article, the price is $520-650, which is justified for the declared features and functions. You can buy this model on Aliexpress. It is available and it worth the price. Keep in mind the dimensions of the robot, because if you have no available place in your home, that would be no good after you buy it.

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