Mijia Floor Fan Review – How can there be a fan in this beautiful design?

A full-fledged summer will come soon, and it will become quite hot, not only on the street but also at home, the Mijia Floor Fan will help to solve this issue. It would seem such a banal thing as a fan can be useful. It creates a soft and variable flow, simulating the wind in nature.

The powerful inverter motor is able to operate in different modes and contains up to 100 speeds in the wind simulation mode. Since it is a smart fan, you can control the Mijia Floor Fan through the Mi Home App, which means you can enjoy the cool heat without being distracted from work, or leisure. Let’s dive into the details of the Mijia Floor Fan, and decide if it is worth it or not.

Mijia Floor Fan Review

When we are looking for a fan, we do not usually look at their design, but the Mijia Floor Fan looks good, smooth, and very modern. It is still all plastic, but the build quality is fine. Another important feature is there are 100 different wind levels. There are seven blades with low noise levels, voice control, and a 140-degree wide-angle turning hat.


You can use the Mijia Floor Fan with an application or without it. If you want to use it without an application, you have four control buttons on top of the device to turn it on, or off to set one of the four wind levels, rotate the head or not, set a timer, and all works perfectly fine.

As it is a Smart fan, you can control the Mijia Floor Fan through the Mi Home App. It has an integration with Google Assistant too.

Mi Home App

The interesting part to us is the smart features coming from the application because if you own multiple smart Xiaomi devices you have the possibility to link them to each other. In order to do that as well as to use your phone to control the Mijia Floor Fan, you have to download the Mi Home App. You can see the fan in the Mi Home setup, and set up the fan after that.

You have extra settings that you can play around with, such as setting a natural feeling wind. There is also an automation option, where you can set very specific rules like between 10 AM, and 10 PM, when the indoor temperature is above 25 degrees, and what motion is detected, it should automatically turn on. You need other Xiaomi devices of course but are relatively inexpensive and make your house even smarter.


The Mijia Floor Fan is also very silent, there are two low, medium, and high modes. Of course, the Mijia Floor Fan is not really cooling down the room, because it remains a ventilator, not an air conditioning, but it is very nice to have a slight breeze on the warm days.

Also, the range is more than acceptable, and its operating noise is 26dB, which is acceptable. The flow distance is up to 14 meters, which allows not only to be quiet but also efficient. It also has some gimmicky stuff as you can control the device with your voice, but you need to speak Chinese in order to activate it.

Should you Buy the Mijia Floor Fan?

It brings a lot of nice stuff to the table, such as its design, its sound level, automation rules, and it is budget-friendly. It is not only smart but good-looking and silent as well and does the job.

If you are getting ready for the summer and need a small fan which looks aesthetic, you should give a chance to this device. The price is also budget-friendly, which is only $35. You can buy the Mijia Floor Fan on Aliexpress.

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