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Mijia Refrigerator 216L | Xiaomi’s new refrigerator

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Xiaomi announced the Mijia Refrigerator 216L today and opened it for pre-sales. Apart from smartphones, Xiaomi produces household appliances under the name of Mijia. This Mijia Refrigerator stands out with its slim, stylish and innovative design.

Mijia Refrigerator 216L

What are the features of Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator 216L?

Xiaomi says that the features of this refrigerator are as follows: It has a design that does not require manual defrostating. It has ion sterilization and odor removal properties. The refrigerator consists of three separate sections; With 122 liters of cooling, 32 liters of fresh freezer and 62 liter freezer, it offers a total storage area of 216 liters. The dimensions are as follows 678 x 572 x 1805 mm, weight of the refrigerator is 48 kilograms. One of the most striking features is; Being 99.9% antibacterial.

Mijia Refrigerator 216L Mijia Refrigerator 216L

Other features it offers are as follows; It is said that direct blowing to products is reduced and electronic temperature control is supported by the waterfall-style cooling system. 90 percent purification rate and 99.9 percent antibacterial rate were obtained. The average daily power consumption of the refrigerator using high efficiency compressors is 0.63 kWh. It adopts one-button temperature control, built-in 3 temperature sensors, intelligent low temperature compensation and automatically adjusts the cooling system to adapt to normal operation for four seasons. Its compressor’s noise reduction technology allows it to operate in 38 decibels of silence.

The Mijia Refrigerator introduced today is not yet available for sale, it is only available for pre-orders. It will go on sale on March 22, 2022. The selling price is 1499 yuan / USD 235.

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