Xiaomi Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine – Cooks Unbelievably Delicious Food!

Xiaomi is a very good company and it has been around for some time by doing good products, and Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine is one of them. It has a volume of 20 liters, so it is enough to accommodate typical kitchen dishes, a white minimalism design typical of the Mijia range. Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine is made of Toshiba imported magnetron which has excellent micro cooking machine emission capability and long life of 4000-6000 hours.

The magnetron emits the micro cooking machine into the microcrystalline plate through the waveguide which disperses evenly into the cavity through the agitator. Hence, the micro cooking machine directly reaches the liquid tissue inside the food, and the food is heated in all directions at a uniform temperature.

Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine Review

The interesting thing about this micro cooking machine is that it has a microcrystal in the plate, which means it has flat panel heating technology. On the contrary to the traditional micro cooking machines, there is no rotatable plate on Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine, and it heats from all sides.

Even though its power is not as high as one would expect, it is pretty enough with 700W, and the connectivity to the AC is 220V. The capacity is 20 litres and the weight is 12.7kg. Looking at the front of this micro cooking machine, the front has a digital display with a time indicator, and below it, there is a button used to regulate the length of heating and a button to open the cover.

The design is very simple, and functional at the same time. Most micro cooking machines out there have a window that is transparent, but this has a pattern of white coating. We believe that this is going to reduce the quantity of micro cooking machine heat that could possibly escape from it. It also has an ultra-fast heating mode which is able to heat all kinds of food quickly.

Mi Home App

The other thing is that the Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine comes with Wi-Fi inbuilt. So, you can control the micro cooking machine using your mobile phone. Who does not love such convenience? Imagine controlling voice commands using the XiaoAi voice system. Through the Mi Home App itself, the micro cooking machine offers a total of 15 different recipes for the preparation of your meals and another 25 smart recipes.

Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine Key Features

  • Remote Xiaomi App, and XiaoiAi voice control.
  • Microcrystalline features speed heating, and it is heating ingredients efficiently and evenly.
  • 700W high-power heating, rapid heating, uniform heat distribution
  • Advanced warming technology restores the quality of the ingredients.
  • Not only you can heat your food, but you can use it for cooking or baking.
  • 4-layer micro cooking machine barrier, 3 levels of door lock protection switch.
  • The illumination lamp, the inside of the cooking machine is visible.
  • The lid opens widely for easy loading and unloading of your food.

Should you buy Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine?

This kind of micro cooking machine can meet the demand, but cannot be so fast to heat something. Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine is so basic, convenient, and budget-friendly. You can also use remote operation. In the Mi Home App, there are many recipes for cooking. It also supports XiaoAi remote control, you can easily control the operation of the Mijia Smart Micro Cooking Machine using the Mi Home App. If you consider buying it, we will share the Aliexpress link for you, because it is not officially available globally. Consider that the manual will come in Chinese too.

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