MIUI 15’s Expected Features: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Xiaomi, one of the leading companies in the mobile technology world, is working on a new version of its MIUI, which is used in its smartphones and tablets. What does Xiaomi plan to offer with MIUI 15, following the significant feature and design updates introduced with MIUI 14? In this article, we will examine the expected features of MIUI 15 and the differences between MIUI 14. More details will be detailed in this article. So don’t forget to read the article completely!

Lock Screen and Always On Display (AOD) Customizations

One of the most prominent features of MIUI 15 could be its ability to provide more customization options for the lock screen and Always-On Display (AOD). MIUI has not made significant changes to the lock screen design for a long time, and users are now expecting innovations in this area.

With MIUI 15, users will be able to personalize their lock screens. This may include customizing different clock styles, notifications, weather information, and even wallpapers. Users will have the ability to tailor their devices to their own styles and needs. Similarly, similar customization options are expected for the Always-On Display (AOD) screen. This will allow users to have more control over and customization of their phone screens.

Redesigned Camera Interface

The camera experience is one of the most important components of a smartphone. With MIUI 15, Xiaomi aims to further enhance the camera experience. MIUI Camera 5.0 stands out as part of the new camera interface that will be introduced with MIUI 15.

The redesigned camera interface aims to provide a more user-friendly and ergonomic experience. It will have a user interface design that makes one-handed use easier, in particular. Users will be able to access shooting modes more quickly, customize settings more easily, and manage photo and video shooting more smoothly.

Initially available on a limited number of Xiaomi devices, this new camera interface will become available on more than 50 devices with the release of MIUI 15. This will allow Xiaomi users to have a better camera experience and make their photo shooting more enjoyable.

Removal of 32-bit Support

Another significant change highlighted with MIUI 15 may be the removal of support for 32-bit applications. Xiaomi seems to believe that 32-bit applications cause performance issues and negatively affect system stability. Therefore, MIUI 15 is expected to support only 64-bit applications.

This change may hinder the transition to MIUI 15 for older devices, as these devices may not be compatible with 64-bit applications. However, it is expected to provide performance improvements on newer smartphones. 64-bit applications can offer better speed, reliability, and overall system performance.

Android 14-Based Operating System

MIUI 15 will be offered as an operating system based on Android 14. Android 14 brings performance improvements, security updates, and new features to the table. This will enable MIUI 15 to provide a faster and more stable performance. Users will be able to experience the updates and improvements that come with the new Android version on MIUI 15. This will allow users to use a more up-to-date and secure operating system.


MIUI 15 appears to be an exciting update for Xiaomi users. With significant changes such as lock screen and Always-On Display customizations, a redesigned camera interface, the removal of 32-bit application support, and an Android 14-based operating system, MIUI 15 aims to take the user experience of Xiaomi devices to the next level.

These updates will allow users to personalize their devices and achieve better performance. We are looking forward to more details about when MIUI 15 will be officially released and which devices will be supported. However, the features announced so far are enough to excite Xiaomi users. MIUI 15 could shape Xiaomi’s future success and offer users a better mobile experience.

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