MIUI Global Bugs and Fix Dates Has Been Released!

An important news for Xiaomi users! New Weekly Bug Report has been released for Global ROM users. Many bug fixes available. Let’s have a look at the reports.

Weekly Report

  • Issue: The first screen of the boot animation disappears.
  • Device: Redmi Note 10 5G (camellian) – V12.5.3.0(RKSEUXM)
  • Reason: The fallback code for logo requirements is not included, resulting in abnormal boot animation.
  • Status: Fixed in next update.


  • Issue: Android Auto display issue.
  • Device: Mi 11 (venus) – V13.0.1.0(SKBEUXM)
  • Reason: Introduced when fixing the problem that the height of the navigation bar is wrong after switching resolutions.
  • Status: Fixed in next update, probably this weekend. In the current version, in order to verify that the Mi 11 upgrade S becomes a brick, continue to observe‌‌.


  • Issue: System lag when gaming & daily use.
  • Device: Redmi 10 (selene) – V13.0.1.0(SKUMIXM)
  • Reason: The current analysis is mainly caused by small memory, high temperature of mobile phone and poor network environment.
  • Status: Will continue to visit users to understand the problem scenarios‌‌.


  • Issue: Camera cannot connect.
  • Device: Redmi Note 10 (mojito) – V13.0.3.0(SKGMIXM), Redmi Note 10 Pro (sweet) – V13.0.2.0(SKFMIXM), Mi 11 (venus) V13.0.1.0(SKBEUXM)
  • Reason: Caused by the application of double-opening.
  • Status: It is solved by the self-upgrade application of the dual application on 17/2.


  • Issue: System lag and phone random freeze.
  • Device: Redmi 9A (dandelion) – V12.5.1.0(RCDMIXM) & V12.5.2.0(RCDMIXM)
  • Reason(s): Current analysis reasons include:
  • IO time consumption under low memory (on 2/32 devices)
  • The first boot after OTA.
  • Third-party applicationshe
  • Anr occurs at home
  • Status: Insufficient Log, need Trace log analysis.


Report Notes

Currently Status:

  • Android 10 optimization 2.0 was released in small batches on January 24th and compared with Android 11 optimized version 1.0
  • The transition Android 10 version was released on February 7th and Android 11 was switched after meeting the requirements of the 5% Google mada protocol. The version continues to be released.
  • 5% mada has reached the standard on February 17th, and Android 10 version has been restored to continue outgoing monitoring (the number of users planned to be upgraded is 2.5W).

Next-step Plan:

  • It’s expected that the above-mentioned 2.5W user upgrade plan will be completed on February 21, and the corresponding market user feedback data will be obtained.
  • Combined with multiple market monitoring data of Android 10 & 11 version, conduct a comprehensive evaluation of Android 11 version.

Source: https://c.mi.com/thread-3998731-1-0.html


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