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Telegram Update: what’s new and what’s hot

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Telegram update is here! Telegram is a massive social media platform, and a great alternative to WhatsApp. It has a large userbase, and great features. But, with every update, comes new features. And today, Telegram released a new update which brings custom notification sounds, bot improvements and more! Let’s see what they added.

New Telegram update features

The new Telegram update brings many features, like custom notification sounds (as we mentioned), improvements to bots and chat moderation and more, so let’s take a look at them.

Custom Notification Sounds

The new Telegram update brings the option to set custom notification sounds on every platform. You can set any sound as your ringtone, or notification sound, pick your own, use a voice message from one of your friends, or choose one of the many pre-compiled audio clips in the app to make your ringtone for any chat. You can also set per-chat ringtones. There is a limit to the audio files, however. You can only pick audio files under 5 seconds and 300 kilobytes.

Custom Mute Durations

You could already mute Telegram chats before, but with the new update, the developers have given us the ability to set custom durations for chat muting. You can now select any amount of time to mute you chats, instead of just being limited to preset durations.

Auto-deleting chats

Very similar to many apps such as Snapchat, Telegram has added a feature that lets you set chats to automatically delete messages after a selected amount of time. You can set a chat to delete messages after a specific amount of time, in the chat’s settings.

Forwarded replies

The new Telegram update allows you to forward messages that are replying to other messages without losing the context behind them. Just forward a reply to another chat and the original message will be forwarded with it. That’s all there is to it.

“Bot Revolution”

The new feature, titled “Bot Revolution” in the official announcement, let’s you use JavaScript to program bots that’ll let you access the web, order things online, and more. The interface will also match the user’s theme, whether it’s a dark theme, or light.

Add admin bots to chats instantly

The new Telegram update allows you to instantly add bots to channels and configure their permissions before they’re officially added to the chat, so that you don’t have to spend a long time setting them up.

Improved translation on iOS

It’s in the name. The new update improves upon translations on iOS and adds better quality translations for languages like Ukranian, and lets the iOS app translate the same languages as the Android one.

Improved Picture-in-Picture on Android

The new Telegram update improves Picture-in-Picture on Android, and adds gestures like pinch to zoom in or out, and adds a rounded design which matches the new Android 12 design language.

New animations and updated animated emoji

The new update also brings new animations to the desktop and mobile apps, with animated ducks, which guide you through the settings, and also new animated emoji.

What do you think about the new Telegram update? Do you like the new features that the team added? Let us know in our Telegram channel, which you can join here.

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